12 Volt Power Outlet Stop Working – What Are the Reasons?

12 volt sockets are also called the cigarette lighters even if they are not used as one anymore. It is useful as a cell charger and for any DC accessory that works on 12v. When you encounter that the accessory doesn’t work with the power outlet, you should first check the accessory itself.

Try using it with other power outlets, and see if it working. If not, then the device may be faulty. But if it does work, then there is a problem with the 12v power outlet of your car.

Let’s have a few effective solutions and fix the power outlet-

What Could Be Wrong With The Cigarette Lighter Socket?

Check if there is anything in the socket and get that out. Especially if the alignment of the socket is vertical, tiny things may fall into the socket and obstruct the path.

The second thing may be a blown cigarette lighter socket. This means that there is no power getting to the socket, and this happens when the socket gets blown or if there is a problem with the internal wiring.

12 Volt
Faulty power socket doesn’t charge devices. Source: Lifewire


How to Fix a Cigarette Lighter Socket?

Once you know what is the possible reason that the socket isn’t working, it is time to troubleshoot the issue.

1. When There are Foreign Objects in the Socket

There can be food particles that can get into the socket. It can be a coin, a part of a toy, or anything conductive or non-conductive. Whatever, it is, do not ever reach the socket with any metal object like a tweezer to get the things out. Always use a tool that has plastic or wood on its end or something that is made of plastic.

2. When There is a Power Problem

If the socket is blown, you can check it using the voltmeter. Access the center pin inside the cigarette lighter socket and get to the interior of the barrel. If there is no power there, check the fuses. Check every connection that delivers the power into the socket. If you don’t have any experience with tools, it is better you take it to a professional.

You can also try using the cigarette lighter to conform if the socket is working or not. In case you do not have anything to test, plug the lighter, and activate it by lightly pushing it in. When it gets out and if the coils are hot, this means there is nothing wrong with the socket. In this case, your device itself is malfunctioning. You can also try with a different device, and it should work fine if the lighter worked. See how you can always solve any troubles going on with your car using these Maintenance Tips.

12 Volt
Checking socket by using a lighter and seeing if it works. Source: YouTube


Try replacing the socket and see if it blows off. If it does then you have a short in the circuit. If the inverter only blows off, then the problem is with the inverter. Consider changing the inverter or take your car to a repairer to have a clear understanding of the issue.