Why Are Diesel Cars Costly Than Petrol Cars?

An individual looking to buy a new car faces a dilemma common to many. It includes choosing between a petrol and diesel vehicle. The majority of car owners decide to purchase diesel cars. These generate more torque and can operate smoothly at high conversion rates. It is one of the reasons for diesel cars coming at a high price range.

Why Are Diesel Cars Expensive Than Petrol Cars?

The diesel cars include connecting rods, camshaft, flywheel, and exhaust valves, among other elements. These are strong enough to bear the constant torque and pressure. Diesel cars contain many high-quality components. These components work hard to provide the driver with smooth driving experience. You can browse online to find the best car comparison between different models. We will share with you specific points. These points make diesel cars a bit more expensive than petrol cars.

1. Fuel Efficiency And Cost

Diesel cars have better fuel efficiency. The petrol cars lag behind their counterpart in terms of fuel efficiency. The diesel fuel costs a little more than gasoline at the gas station. You would need to drive a diesel car for a considerable distance to take advantage of its fuel efficiency. Car experts suggest you drive a diesel car at least 6 to 10,000 miles to experience the benefits. Those not driving for this much longer distance need not spend money on a diesel car.

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Diesel cars have better fuel efficiency (Photo Source: motor1)

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2. Mileage

A diesel car offers more distance. Petrol cars cannot match diesel cars in terms of distance. Diesel cars do not need a spark plug. These have a higher compression rate. The diesel engine utilizes more fuel. It is a significant advantage; petrol cars do not offer. Mileage given by a diesel engine covers the extra cost of the vehicle.

3. Driving Experience

Diesel engines are mighty. These offer higher torque, ensuring a smooth driving experience for the car owner. The petrol engines have low power development. The compression ratio is lesser in petrol cars. Diesel cars have a higher compression ratio.

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Diesel engines are mighty (Photo Source: carwow)

4. Servicing Costs

Considering the servicing cost of both petrol and diesel cars, one needs to consider the fuel efficiency of both vehicles. These cars do not require regular service. Car owners need to shell out extra for getting their diesel cars in service. A car owner having a diesel car no older than five years is highly unlikely to take their vehicle for service.

5. Insurance Cost

Car experts know that diesel cars cost around 10 to 15% more. The extra cost incurs with repairs and parts replacement in cases of theft. It all depends on the car owner. They are the final authority on deciding the amount of the insurance money. The car owner needs to make the right decision regarding the insurance of their vehicle.

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A diesel car costs around 10 to 15% more (Photo Source: autocarindia)


The diesel cars are far ahead in many things than petrol cars. It is the decision of the car buyer about buying a car offering performance or helping them save money.