Toyota C-HR Vs Honda HR-V: Every Aspect Compared

Toyota and Honda are one of the well-known brands in the automobile industry. This year both have been introduced their latest models Toyota C-HR and Honda HR-V. Both of these are SUVs with cool looks and much more to offer their customer. Breaking the anticipation, we are going for a Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V where we will compare different aspects for both of these models.

Toyota CH-R Vs. Honda HR-V – Initiating The Comparison

These models differ in price that is $24,000 starting price for Honda HR-V and $22,000 is for the Toyota CH-R. However, those who are not opting for a car for the price but features can continue reading the comparison here.

1. Exteriors And Design

Going further on Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V, let’s start with Toyota CH-R which offers a sporty appearance with diamond-shaped cuts for all the aspects on the outside as well as inside. The look is the primary thing you would notice about this SUV. From headlights to brake lights, everything has a diamond cut, and that applies to its alloy wheels as well.

The rear has a nice sloppy design that praises the boot area. The passenger door handle is set high by the top of the car that looks cool.

The Honda HR-V is another sporty SUV but without diamond cuts. The grille is what grabs attention at first hand along with the chrome strap in the front and rear as well.

The door handle is the same as the CH-R situated on the top rather than the conventional one. The back has a sloppy design with the right amount of Honda branding. The tires, however, do not give much cool look which the Toyota offers.

Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V- the facts
The rear has a nice sloppy design that praises the boot area (Photo Source: worldautoevolution)

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2. Interiors And Features

Toyota is one of the cars similar to Honda HR-V, and in terms of safety, Toyota provides a sense of efficient safety with its advanced safety features. It includes the Pre-Collision System, dynamic radar cruise control, blind-spot monitor, and similar other features that the modern automobiles provide.

The seating looks average with no so much legroom in the passenger area. The height room is average too in both sections: driver and passenger. Hence, the comfort level is compromised. There is enough storage space in both of the sections; the boot space is ample too. The lever justifies its sporty look, but the digital clock seems conventional. There are huge blind spots near the shoulder area of the driver seat; however, it is clear in the front panel of the seat.

Now talking the Honda, the SUV offers an almost premium seating that is better than Toyota. In the front, it has a leather work on the seats with the nice looking dashboard. There is a panoramic sunroof, which is a plus. The boot space is more than average SUVs, and there is sufficient legroom too for the passengers as well as the driver. Visit the Car Comparison section and finalize the brand for your next car.

Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V- Described
It has a leather work on the seats with the nice looking dashboard (Photo Source: autoindustriya)

There are adjustable headrests, armrest, and the charging socket as well. However, the lever to control the gears looks old school, unlike Toyota. From the safety perspective, Toyota holds more significance as it features a total of ten airbags, whereas the Honda offers just six of them.

The 5-year warranty is another good point of Toyota it serves the car with. Honda covers the additional warranty period too but at an additional cost. The limited warranty of Honda cover the powertrain and accessory repair only.

3. The Engine

Talking the Toyota that is one of the Honda HR-V competitors, the thermally efficient engine is the main benefit that comes along with Toyota CH-R.  There is a 1.8-liter petrol-electric hybrid engine which makes the acceleration and overall driving experience smooth. However, the SUV is no very silent, and that can be a turn-off point.

Toyota C-HR has a 1.2-liter turbo engine as well that features a front-wheel-drive and a manual gearbox. With this setting, the car feels lighter than the hybrid engine as it cuts the necessity of hybrid batteries and electric motors.

Honda features the SUV in different variations and depending upon the trim you get the features. However, all the trims come with a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine. You can get either a six-speed manual or a CVT automatic transmission system.

Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V
Toyota C-HR has a 1.2-liter turbo engine (Photo Source: autoguide)


One who wants to relish the features and the ultimate comfort with an SUV can consider Honda over Toyota; otherwise for the budget-friendliness Toyota wins the place.

Both models have a sporty look, whereas Toyota is slightly sportier than Honda. However, for the features as well as the interiors, Honda is the one you can choose over Toyota. In the end, it is totally on your preferences and budget. So, this was it for the Toyota CH-R vs. Honda HR-V that we hope you have got a clear idea on.