The Best Japanese Used Car Company or Brand

In a world that has a multi-billion dollar a year car or automotive market worth in 2015 just above $900 billion, there are plenty of brands, cars, models news and updates in the industry. Knowing which are the best Japanese used cars companies and brands and which car models is of key interest if you want to buy a quality car but can’t afford a new car or you just want to save money.

Buying a new car is never really inexpensive but more and more people seek an automobile for less money. This is where the used car and more specifically the Japanese Used Cars market or industry becomes very valuable. Below are the Best Japanese Used Car Company.

Toyota – The best Japanese used cars brand

Toyota is one of Japan’s leading car manufacturers. As they are constantly brining out newer models older yet hardly used models get traded in on a regular basis. For this reason Toyota has a huge used car market. This make or brand is one of the most popular Japanese make or brand of car.

The Toyota Corolla is perhaps one of the bestselling Japanese used cars. The company does have plenty of other good cars which are the good second hand like the Toyota Tazz an inexpensive, light on petrol and reliable car. It is also a very popular and good Japanese used car to buy – speaking from personal experience my mother owns one and is constantly being made offers for her car just about wherever she goes. So if you are interested in saving money and placing a safe bet perhaps the used cars made by this Japanese company are for you.

Honda – The Ballade and Low chance of Breakdown

Honda is another one of the best Japanese makes or brands of cars. Being the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer Honda also makes very reliable and quite well priced cars. Honda is Japan’s second largest automobile manufacturer and it has a good reputation. Another interesting fact about Honda is that they are the world’s leading manufacturer of internal combustion engines and Honda as a company produces over 14 million internal combustion engines each year.

Furthermore, according to a survey done by “What Car?” and “Warranty Direct” on used cars Honda takes the top spot in reliability for the seventh year running. According to this survey a second hand Honda has only a 10 per cent chance of breaking down whilst European counterparts like Vauxhall have a 40 per cent chance of breaking down and Land Rover as high as 70 per cent chance. For these reasons if you are shopping around the Japanese used car market Honda should be one of your preferred makes or brands. Normally one can’t go to wrong with sticking to their Flagship the Honda Ballade.

To conclude – the global automotive market is large and competitive with new car models and ranges being produced at a constant rate. For this reason there is a large used car market especially amongst Japanese car manufacturers and the Japanese Used Cars market is huge. The best two Japanese used car manufacturers are Toyota and Honda arguably.