2019 Honda Passport Vs. Pilot: Which SUV Is Right For You?

Both 2019 Honda Passport and Honda Pilot satisfy the image of an SUV. The vehicles are great for families as they feature a big space. Though both SUVs are available in different trims with different features, families are still getting confused for the selection. If you are not able to decide which SUV you should go with, we bring you Honda Passport vs. Pilot. By the end of the comparison, you will decide better about which SUV to buy.

Honda Passport Vs. Pilot: The Detailed Comparison

Even though both SUVs share almost similar exteriors, there are significant differences in terms of interiors, performance, and every other aspect. Let’s get to know the same here-

1. Interiors

Honda Passport vs. Pilot begins with a comparison of the interiors. Interior space is a noticeable thing when we compare both of these SUVs. The 2019 Honda Passport is more suitable for a small family or someone who lives alone since it features space for up to five people. The case with the 2019 Honda Pilot is different since it holds up to eight passengers, including the captain’s chairs.

For the headroom and legroom, it feels the same for both Pilot and Passport. As the Pilot features a third row too, the legroom space here comes 31.9 that is perfect for an average-sized adult; otherwise, it can be a bit tight.

Honda Passport vs. Pilot- what is the difference
For the headroom and legroom, it feels the same for both Pilot and Passport (Photo Source: wallpaperup)

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2. Performance

Both SUVs have the same liter engine that is the 3.5-liter V-6 engine. Both are capable of producing 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. So the rider won’t feel a significant difference while riding any of these two SUVs.

However, as the Passport features a sporty look, it catches up on the sporty throttle as well that you can feel right on the launch. Being the larger model, the pilot has something different to offer too. As per the review, the Pilot was able to set the brake from 60 mph to a standstill position in 120 feet whereas the Passport covered 130 feet before becoming still.

3. Off-Road Capability

In simple words, the Passport is way better for off-roading than Pilot. Passport has more raised suspension that is 8.1 inches than 7.3 inches. There are four drive models for both of the models: Normal, Snow, Sand, and Mud.

The higher suspension of Passport absorbs the shocks well than Pilot. But when it is about the on-road performance, the Pilot wins the place. The different can easily be noticed when you take your first test drive of Pilot vs. Passport.

4. Cargo Area

Being a three-row car, the Passport features a 41.2 cubic feet space whereas the Pilot offers 46.8 cubic feet of cargo space. The second row and third row is movable and can be adjusted forward to draw more cargo area. The towing operation for the seats is performed using the strap mechanism instead of the automatic buttons in Pilot as it is quicker and easier operation.

Honda Passport vs. Pilot- what you need to read now
The second row and third row is movable (Photo Source: valleyhonda)

Since the Passport features the second-row only, it offers a button approach for getting the seats down and facilitate the cargo area. Honda also introduces some space beneath the surface to keep things securely in both Pilot and passport. This actual car comparison will ensure that you make a better choice when purchasing your next vehicle.

5. Safety

In terms of safety, both Pilot and Passport receive 4 out of 5 stars. The frontal crash safety is functional, while the side crash safety measure remains excellent. Both models received four stars in the rollover test as well.

Passport gets the lane-keeping tools and adaptive cruise. It has the braking assists and forward-collision warnings system. There are features like tri-zone climate control and the ability of remote engine start regardless of the trim.

Similarly, Pilot gets Honda Sensing too and features the adaptive cruise control, lane assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and collision mitigation braking.

6. Fuel Economy

For the fuel economy, Pilot has a slight advantage as it offers 20 mpg on the city roads, 27 for the highway, and 23 as combined. On the other side, the passport serves you with 20 mpg for the city, 25 for the highway, and 22 mpg for combined.

The base price for both Pilot and Passport starts from $33,035 that goes further to 49,065. The more amenities you seek for, the more dollars you end up spending.


Honda Passport vs. Pilot- actual differences to count on
At last, it depends on your budget and overall preferences (Photo Source: arcar)

Concluding the Honda Passport vs. Pilot, you can notice that Pilot works better for a large family as it can set 8 members comfortably. The passport, on the other hand, it is sufficient for a small family or a single person who loves owning an SUV. So those who are tight on budget and have a family of five can opt for Passport else Pilot is always bigger and better.

Passport as having more of sporty design and dual exhaust system is a choice of the new generation, but it is not an obligation. At last, it depends on your budget and overall preferences.