Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida: Choose Your New Small Car

Both Honda Fit and Nissan Tiida are familiar and popular names in the market of compact hatchback. In fact, the Honda Motor Company made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing reliable, small, and cost-efficient hatchbacks.

We’ve compared Honda Fit 2010 and Nissan Tiida 2010 to give you a better idea about the two cars. A side-by-side comparison of Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida is an excellent way to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of these small cars.

Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida: An Introduction

The price-point of entry-level Honda Fit 2010 is slightly higher than most of its competitors. However, it still attracts lots of consumers due to its versatility, a wide range of features, and the unbeatable resale value of the Honda models. The Fits offer its users the right blend of style coupled with efficiency and fun driving experience.

On the other hand, the target consumer group of Nissan Tiida 2010 is the small families that value a class life. However, the car appeals to a vast number of consumers because of its groundbreaking powertrain, comfort, and premium styling.

Nissan Tiida vs Honda Fit Comparison

The Positive Sides of Nissan Tiida

The exterior design of Nissan Tiida 2010 is a bit feminine, which is likely to attract a vast number of female consumers. The car also looks a bit different with its rear spoiler, fog lamps, and 16-inch alloy wheels from the other models in the range.

honda fit vs nissan tiida
Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida comparison.

However, the interior of the car feels premium and will undoubtedly attract both male and female users. The ample legroom in the front and rear sides makes the journey comfortable for the passengers. The spacious boot is adequate for holding the packages of a small family.

The riders will also enjoy the facilities like the six-stack CD player, the sunroof, climate control option, and leather on the steering wheel and seats.

The Tiida will provide more driving fun with its 1.8L eight-cylinder patrol engine. The four-speed automatic or the six-speed manual gearbox offers smooth shifts and an easy clutch pedal.

The Positive Sides of Honda Fit

A bit rounder and bolder than its predecessors, the Honda Fit 2010 looks a bit more vigorous because of its cab-forward design and sharper-angled headlights. There is no shortage of passenger headroom because of the tall roofline and the large windows ensure enhanced visibility for drivers.

nissan tiida vs honda fit

The interior of the Fit combines both practicality and beauty. Riders’ comfort is guaranteed with adequate headroom, ample legroom, several storage options, and the folding option for the front and rear seats. In fact, the folded rear seats will open up more cargo space than the competitions like Kia Rio5 or Nissan Versa.

With both manual and automatic drivetrain options, the Honda Fit runs on a 1.5L engine. It features the advanced i-VTEC system that enhances engine performance significantly along with maintaining low emissions and good fuel economy.

The Verdict

Both the cars are efficient enough to have a place in your garage. However, if you think of resale value and entertainment features, the Honda Fit should be your pick. On the other hand, go with the Nissan Tiida if you’re up for fun driving with a sporty and powerful engine.