Honda Accord LX vs EX: Which One Is the Ultimate Deal?

Honda Accord has been very popular since its debut in 1976 as a three-door hatchback. Despite undergoing several transformations throughout the generations, almost all the models of Accord have been successful commercially. The LX and EX are the two variations of the Accord line – the first one is the standard model while the second one is a bump-up version. But, small details always matter in the Honda Accord LX vs EX comparison when you are going to make a purchase decision.

Honda Accord LX vs EX: The Basic Differences

All the Accord versions are compact on the outside but roomy on the inside. They offer a lively performance with a combination of precise handling and responsive steering. There is also good mileage that makes it a perfect choice for solo or family use.

accord lx vs ex
Both cars look almost the same. Source: Honda

But, the basic variance between Accord LX vs EX is that the first one is the base model while the second one has a few more bells and whistles. Both cars share the same size and almost the same interior and exterior looks. However, there are big differences in the features they have. People who love a simple car with good performance will choose the LX while the EX will suit those who love to have a little bit extra.

Honda Accord LX vs EX: Head-to-Head Comparison

Check out this comparison to make an informed decision:

1. The Exterior

The wheel sizing and window features are the two aspects where these two models differ from each other. The LX has a standard 16 inches wheel it is one inch higher in the EX. The second one also has a moonroof that comes handy when you are on a long journey.

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2. The Interior

Both models have the same features including leather steering wheel, extra legroom and headroom for taller passengers, and comfortable seats. But, the EX has something more – heated power side mirrors, heated front seats, a four-way power adjustment option, and memory settings for the driver’s seat.

3. Performance

The Honda Accord LX vs EX performance comparison won’t show any major variation. Both of them have a four-cylinder engine that is accompanied by either a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) in most cases or a six-speed manual option on a few occasions.

honda accord lx vs ex
LX is the better choice if you want a simple car with good performance. Source: Honda

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The fuel economy is same for both models – 21/34 in city/highway. The slightly advanced EX-L trim offers a better V6 engine but less mileage – 18/28 in city/highway. The hybrid version, which is available for the EX trim levels, is the best for fuel economy, offering 45 mpg on the highway and 50 mpg in the city.

4. Features

Some of the big differences between Accord LX vs EX lie in the features they have. The EX has a push-button system ignition while it is a key ignition system in the LX. The EX drivers also enjoy the facility of LaneWatch for easy lane switching, which is not available in the LX, although it has Honda Sensing for avoiding collisions. The EX drivers will also get an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto supported stereo system.

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