Musa Spencer M. Muirhead レビュー Toyota Hilux Surf 2003
Musa Spencer M. Muirhead
Dear Ken, Greetings and Good Day. Thank you for your reply and offer. I would like to explain my last message, regards Jamaica's Imports Regulations and also be happy to share my experience of as a customer of CAR FROM JAPAN. As a Recent Returning Resident from the UK to my family home in Jamaica, I believe that the 2nd to last point stated in the Vehicle Imports Regulations would now apply to me. While previously working in UK Local Government Management of Community & Cultural Services Dept. for 20 years, I was the proud owner of 320i SE BMW. However, my decision to return to Jamaica came as a result of my many of service, when I eventually succumbed to work related stress illnesses. Unable to continue work, my employment was terminated. I decided it was time to start a new life. My plan was to sell my house to buy a yacht and return to my family home in Jamaica, where I would convalesce and start my business while sailing and exploring the Caribbean. With success in selling my house and have the contents packed into storage until I arrive home. I found and purchased a yacht and began my voyage home to Jamaica, which became a 2yr voyage of adventures before I eventually arrived, as I was shipwrecked and stranded as a surviving refugee with Gohonzon in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake and Tsunami which killed so many and destroyed my yacht. On arriving in Jamaican, dealing with Immigration/Customs was a traumatic 3 month ordeal to clear my shipping container of home contents and personal belongings through Customs, who rejected my 1998 BMW in pristine condition, which they claimed the age as not meeting import regulation. However current regulations now permit and succeed this restriction. Fortunately a friend recently introduced me to a 2000 Toyota 4Runner for sale at good price in my budget. Only to again to be disappointed when the owner took back the vehicle, I believe after receiving a higher offer. However, impressed with the pedigree of this modal of Toyota vehicles, I began to search the internet, only to find it was extremely rare in Jamaica, when I discovered "CAR FROM JAPAN" website, who to my delight have offered similar vehicles with such great service and support, not to mention many other exciting benefits of dealing with the company. I am very happy to have found CAR FROM JAPAN and look forward to a rewarding future relationship, without hesitation for my recommendation of the company. Yours Truly, Mr Muirhead Jamaica
Toyota Hilux Surf 2003