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USA - Baltimore, MD

car from japan


Import Regulation

Year Regulation

No Age Restrictions

Pre-shipment Inspection:

No required

Shipping Port

Dar Es Salaam, Durban

Shipping duration

RoRo (4 - 5 weeks since ETD). Booking time will vary due to vessels' availability.

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Car Import Documents

1. Original Invoice View sample

An invoice is a payment request from us to you, for a certain product.

2. Original Export Certificate View sample

Export Certificate is a document that certifies the product is being legally exported from its country of origin. This also means it has been de-registered from its previous owner in Japan.

3. Translated Export Certificate View sample

The English version of the Original Export Certificate for your local use.

4. Original Bill of Lading (B/L) View sample

Bill of Lading (BL) is a document issued by the shipping company, which certifies that the product has been shipped out and mentions product description & recipient.

Payment Method

1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

We will issue you INVOICE and send to you by Email. Then, you will print and bring the INVOICE to your bank, to pay. Your bank will process the payment with the INVOICE.

2. Paypal or Credit Cards

3. Our Recommended Bank(s) in Malawi

National Bank of Malawi
Standard Bank Malawi

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Customer satisfaction is our 1st priority. Out of the 80,000+ customers we served so far, we have a 97% customer satisfaction rate.


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Every year, we export cars from Japan to 50+ countries. We are grateful for the trust and continuous business from buyers all over the world.


10,000+ cars to choose from

We have 10,000+ cars available with pictures and detailed information shown in our website. You can compare spec, prices, condition and find the best car for you!


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