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Glossary of Terms

Inquiry Thread

An inquiry thread is the place where you communicate with us and can view the total history of conversation related to a purchase. Every inquiry thread has a unique number. Please feel free to use the inquiry number to identify your inquiry…

FOB Price

FOB price does not include shipping outside Japan or shipping insurance. FOB price includes product price, domestic transportation and custom clearance in Japan.

CIF Price

CIF price means the cost until the final destination port, in prior to the custom clearance condition. Car From Japan will make sure that the product gets shipped from Japan to you designated port of destination. The shipper assigned by Car…

Domestic Selling Price (DSP)

Domestic Selling Price includes product price, consumption tax, recycle fee, domestic transportation until the delivery destination mentioned in the invoice & does not include “shaken(車検証) cost”.

Pre-Export Inspection

Some countries require your car to be inspected before exporting. When a car passes the inspection, a valid certificate will be issued with full details of chassis number, make, model. Please consult with us whether your arrival…


An invoice is a payment request from us to you, for a certain product. The Invoice we issue is a very powerful document, because it reserves the related product for you, as long as you meet the payment deadlines. An Invoice issued by us to…

Notify Party

Notify Party is the details of the party that involves in clearing the car from port. It can be the same as Consignee; or it can be the details of a C&F agent that helps you clear the car from port.

T/T Copy

When you pay for a product with invoice issued by us, your bank will provide you a receipt of payment. It is called T/T copy. T/T Copy is a short form of Telegraphic Transfer Copy, which is the payment receipt from your bank. You have to…

“Shipment Confirmation” email

When you have successfully paid for a product and we have already shipped the product to your indicated destination, we will send you an email with product and shipment details. This email is called a “Shipment Confirmation” email.

Export Certificate

Export Certificate is a document that certifies the product is being legally exported from its country of origin. This also means it has been de-registered from its previous owner in Japan.