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What will happen if I can’t meet the payment deadline?

What will happen if I can’t meet the payment deadline?
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If we do not receive a TT copy within 48 hours or if we do not get money receipt confirmation from our bank within 120 hours, the related product will be available for other buyers to buy.

If the money arrives at our bank after the payment deadline, one of the following will happen.

A) If the product is still available (not sold or reserved), we will accept your payment, send you a “payment confirmation” and start shipping process to the mentioned port.

B) If the product has been reserved or sold, you may choose from the following options

B-1) If the product is reserved, wait for this product to be “sold” or “available”.

B-2) Find a similar, available product and use the money to buy the available product. In such case, we can start the shipping process right away & you will receive the car faster. (Suggested)

B-3) Get the money returned to your bank, at you bank transfer cost. In such cases, we will charge US $200 as handling fee.

  1. Newton Kithuka says

    who is your trusted shipping agent at the port of Mombasa and once payment is done and you begin the shipping process how do I get the documents of the product?

    1. amin says

      we’ll send the document’s through DHL.

  2. Adama k/ Saidy says

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am very much interested to be your Agent in the Gambia here in order to promote your company’s name here in the Gambia so if this is possible so that you can have a future business relationship with people here please kindly let me know as soon as you read this message !
    And what will be my commission, If I am to be your market surveyor here in the Gambia as opener of your business line here ?
    Till then, I remain to hearing from you soon as you read this message.

    Best regards:
    Adama k. Saidy
    The Gambia

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for your CV/message. Currently there is no job vacancy that suits your skill, and major. However, we are recruiting sales agent. Please send us email to with your CV. We wish you success and bright future.

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