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Why Can’t Cars Run On Modern Steam Engines?

When the world is growing to evolution and in terms of the automobile as well, one question still hits the mind. Why the modern steam engines cannot be used in cars nowadays.

To some it may seem humorous because it is time we think about flying cars and driverless rides but not the steam engine. So what it is that keeps the steam engine from being used in this era.

The Concept Of The Modern Steam Engines And How They Work

A steam engine creates energy with a blend of coal and water. The energy is produced using the same principle as the kettle over the fire. To produce the fire, the coal is used that boils the water in the boiler. The boiling water turns into steam which is used as energy to move the wheels. The key here remains not to blow the steam in the air but instead use it to power the vehicle.

The steam produced from the boiler goes to the cylinder and the piston. The pressure makes the piston move and rotates the wheels. The steam then gets exhausted in the air, and that is why the steam engine for cars creates the smoky effect.

Why Are Modern Steam Engines Not In Use Anymore?

Discover About modern steam engines
Modern steam engine is no longer in use

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The foremost reason is the fuel efficiency that comes with diesel engines. Also, without the need of making frequent stops to load the water and coal, diesel-based vehicles serve for longer. You find it hassle-free to get the tank full with diesel which can’t be a case with steam-oriented vehicles. There is no need of seeing a giant boiler, and the generator does it all for powering the motor.

The steam formation needs an enormous steam pressure, and that means lots of coal and water. Also, locomotives can’t compete in today’s automobile technology when it comes to thermal efficiency. The automotive steam engine would be responsible for an enormous amount of weight as well due to the coal, water, and the mechanism itself. A large amount of steam pressure needs to be dispersed in the air after the operation ends. A locomotive engine requires regular maintenance as compared to a diesel engine.

The steam concept uses too much of the resources to produce the required amount of energy. This in return does not seem worthy to put the efforts for. It also seems wastage of natural resources. A gasoline engine, however, works much better on this aspect.The steam engine maintenance is an expensive task undoubtedly as the boiler needs to be cleaned out. It also means that you can’t use the engine all the time or whenever you want because of its repair needs.

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Tips About modern steam engines
Modern steam engine should not be used in cars

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The Verdict

This is how a modern steam engine works and due to its frequent maintenance needs, usage of too many resources, the giantness, and other similar factors, it is not possible to bring the old school idea back. So it would be wise to focus on the innovation rather than the conventional concepts and let the steam engine continue on the hill stations for the charm.

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