Types of Car Racing – An Insight into the Unknown

Do you have a keen interest on racing cars? Then you would be all excited to know about the types of car racing or more aptly the categories of racing cars. The speed and the enthusiasm behind the game bring in thrill and excitement. Let’s explore the existing types to help you get an all better insight into the world of car racing.

5 Types of Car Racing That Rule the World

The very first car race came into existence back in 1867. Since then the arena of car racing and the excitement behind it has only soared up. Today, type of car race has widened which, in turn, follows a set of rules and regulations, specific to each of the types.

1. The Open-Wheel Car Racing

This category is all about Formula One and IndyCar Series. Where Formula One is a European oriented car racing, run on streets and road patches. The cars run for Formula One are advanced and capable of taking the sharp turns gracefully.

On the other hand, In USA, IndyCar Series or the National Championship is popular. This type of car race is not as much technologically savvy but is faster than the Formula One.

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2. The Touring Car Racing

Run with production-derived race cars; the touring car racing is popular in prominent countries. The small speed disparity and larger grids are attributes of such types of car racing. For the same reason, they are often known as full contact racing.

Touring car racing is conducted on street circuits, and the most famous of them include Supercars Championship and the British Touring Car Championship.

3. Sports Car Racing

Mostly conducted on closed circuits, sports car racing is usually a two-seater car along with enclosed wheels. This type of car racing is either production-derived or aptly the popular grand tourers (GT), or the purpose-built or aptly the prototype.

Look for the types of car racing
Sports types of car racing (Photo Source: redbull)

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The most popular type of sports car racing around the world is that of FIA World Endurance Championship. An interesting fact to note here is that these races run for comparatively long distances. Want to know more about sports cars; refer to industry knowledge.

4. Production Car Racing

Popularly known as showroom stock in the US, the production car racing involves unmodified cars competing on the track. One can call this type of car racing as the most economical one owing to its restricted rules.

The restrictive rule that is most accepted in the arena is the Group N regulation but is devoid of car age restrictions. The most popular car races in this arena include Japan’s Super Taikyu and IMSA’s Firehawk Series.

5. Stock Car Racing

The prominent car race in North America, stock car racing is mainly prominent on oval tracks. This car racing deploys the production cars that are, in turn, modified, unlike the former one. Stock car racing involves racers being run through several laps to test their skills.

Different types of car racing
Explore the types of car racing (Photo Source: wikimedia)

Silhouette racing cars, another name for stock car racing is regulated by the NASCAR. The premier series run under this National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing is the Monster Cup Energy Series.


These were the five most prominent types of car racing that have been making the world crazy. While there are some others too, these are the most common and the most popular one throughout the globe.