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There’s Some Bad News To Manual Transmission Enthusiasts

A car’s transmission is responsible for giving power to the wheels transferred from the engine. It is the machinery that decides the speed the driver needs during the accelerations. There are two forms of transmission: manual and automatic. We all grew up seeing the manuals ones where a stick like structure was used to shift the gears as per our needs. Now, this manual transmission mechanism is soon going to be diminished.

Today, we are going to talk about the reasons why the automobile industry won’t use this transmission anymore.

The Manual Transmission

In the manual transmission by using the stick you make the shift in speed. A driver needs to be educated for this mechanism, and he should be practiced enough. Driving a manual transmission is like putting all your knowledge to the practical environment and it is the real test of your driving skills.

Cost-wise manual gearbox is affordable than the automatic ones. In the manual one, you are not dependant on the machinery for the gear change; instead, you make it yourself. Driving is fun with the manual transmission if you have learned the techniques thoroughly.

Why Is Manual Transmission Dying Out?

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We see less Manual Transmission nowadays (Photo Source: pexels)

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You may be thinking if the manual transmission is so good then what the need of replacing it with an automatic machine is. Well, the reasons are many, and the primary one is the comfort.

  • As it sounds automatic, you do not need to give any command, and there is no stick for changing the gear. The machinery monitors all the changes based on various aspects and provides you acceleration and speeds accordingly.

  • Also, as the manual transmission does not have any clutch system, your legs stay free, and that means no pain.

  • Automatic machine is handy in traffic areas or busy streets, especially for a not so professional driver. So, without learning the ABCDs of shifting gears, an amateur can drive the car easily.

All of these reasons are enough for the automobile industry that manual transmission is going to take off its presence. It would not exist in the coming years unless you enjoy driving the classics.

As per the surveys in the USA, the number of consumers who prefer manual is getting fewer every year. The customers’ demand is another reason that the automobile makers have been noticing and planning to bring changes to every vehicle.

The Debate

Still, there is a debate going on between manual and automatic transmission lovers. Of course, comfort and convenience are two keys that everyone prefers with every device. However, if you are a pro in operating manually, you may not like the concept of manual gear shifting completely. The reason is the liberty of shifting gears as per your will that you do not get with the manual mechanism.

Grab more knowledge here Industry Knowledge.

Learn more about Manual Transmission
It also depends on your driving skills (Photo Source: indianauto)


Every year, the automobile industry brings new concepts in the vehicles and automatic transmission is one of them. It is not like that the manual transmission does not exist, but it would be difficult to find ‘manual’ in the new cars or the luxurious ones.

It will be cool if the automobile companies launch one version of the vehicle with both manual and automatic transmission keeping with a ratio of 1:3 where 1 for the manual and 3 for the automatic or as per the sales.

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  1. Cornwell Tepa says

    Auto transmission is good for people with missing limbs. I think that is the reason why they were designed. The idea of coping up with traffic is secondary. The demand for manuals will fall because learning to drive on an auto is a far more easier option than manual. The risk factor with auto, however. is far much higher than manual. People on Auto are prone to do other things such as eating ice cream and at same talking on phone, while driving, which creates a susceptibility to accidents. But with a manual, concentration is good and one’s reflexes are also sharp, reducing susceptibility to accidents. There is good number of a remnant that will stick with the manual.

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