How To Convert A Car From A Right To A Left-Hand Drive?

The right-hand driving style was introduced by Great Britain which later was copied and used by most of the other countries. Since there are a majority of the cases for right-hand drive, you should always be familiar with the left-hand drive style as well. Thus, the need for rhd to lhd conversion holds great importance. There are many countries where it is mandatory to convert rhd to lhd due to the strict and specific road rules.

The Process To Convert A Car From Right To A Left-Hand Drive

The entire process to convert right-hand drive to left-hand drive is not a simple process and thus should be done under the supervision of the expert. Any minor mistake during the rhd to lhd conversion can result in some issues with not only the car but also the people driving in the car.

The following are the car’s components that are processed for the process to convert rhd to lhd:

  1. Repositioning of the steering wheel
  2. Repositioning of the dashboard
  3. Exchange of rack and pinion
  4. Replacement of shift knob
  5. Angle adjustment and repositioning of the side mirror

Though the above steps may appear easy and simple, the overall process of rhd to lhd conversion is way more difficult and complicated. Here are the following steps to convert right-hand drive to left-hand drive. Have a look:

1.  Repositioning of the steering wheel

Dismantle the entire steering wheel along with the portion beneath the steering wheel. The main need is to reposition the steering wheel to the other side of the car. Take good care while repositioning the steering wheel and the associated components of the steering wheel as many internal features like the braking system, the steering system, and car’s engine have to be modified with that.

Convert rhd to lhd
Result of converting from rhd to lhd. (Photo: Peugeot)

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Don’t try doing it by yourself, if you don’t have any idea about it or have less knowledge. Trust the knowledge and experience of a professional to convert rhd to lhd so as to avoid any mistake or future problems.  

2. Steering rack replacement

The next step is to replace the assembly of the steering rack. While doing so, there can be a bit of effect on the airbags so special care and attention should be taken while replacing the steering rack to avoid any damage to the airbags.

3. Pedal assembly repositioning

Once you are done with the replacement of the steering rack, the next step to proceed with for the rhd to lhd conversion is the repositioning of the pedal assembly. If you have a manually driven car, you need to dismantle and remove the three-pedal mounts. Following this, you need to reinstall them on the other side which is towards the left-hand side.

convert right hand drive to left hand drive
Pedals are completely transferred. (Photo: Youtube)

4. Repositioning the brake master cylinder

As the brake master cylinder is one of the most important components in the car, you need to apply special care while repositioning it to the other side to successfully convert right-hand drive to left-hand drive. Properly realign the brake master cylinder on the left-hand side of your car.

It is advised to allow a mechanic or a car expert to do this as even a minor mistake in this step can be extremely dangerous for your safety. If the brake master cylinder is not aligned properly, you won’t be able to apply the brakes properly after the rhd to lhd conversion which can eventually be dangerous while driving.

5. Reposition the firewall accessories

The firewall accessories include:

  • AC ducts
  • Blower motor
  • Cables and wires, etc.

As all these firewall accessories are in between the passenger compartments and the engine bay, you may have to remove the engine to access these and remove these accessories to convert rhd to lhd. If you have knowledge about your car, you can also do it. But it would be more preferable if any expert could do this, as it will then be done with extra care and focus without the risk of any faults or failures.

6. Adjusting the doors and wiper mechanism

The last step in the rhd to lhd conversion is to adjust the doors and the wiper mechanism. If the door controls in your car are in the middle section, then there is no such need to change it or reinstall it anywhere. The need is when the door controls are with the doors on the right-hand side.

rhd to lhd conversion
Adjust the doors and the wiper mechanism. (Photo: Markus Spiske /

Is It Dangerous To Drive A Car Converted From RHD To LHD?

Some drivers assume that modifying the car steering conversion (right-hand drive to left-hand drive) is pointless. Not certainly, however, if you don’t make this process with the correct technique, it can be dangerous for you when driving. In fact, when you drive on the left in a car that is designed to drive on the right, it will cause a problem with the mirror and visibility for overtaking in the first place. If you’re used to driving on the right-hand drive, “left” roads are marked against your experience. Turning right means going in the opposite direction, turning left does not.

We want to affirm that the whole process of converting your vehicle from a right to a left-hand drive is not a simple step. You should proceed with these steps under the supervision of the mechanic or expert because just a small error happens while converting the RHD to LHD, and it can cause danger for your car and also for the driver and other vehicles.

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In other words, convert right-hand drive to left-hand drive with these steps and enjoy your left-hand drive as much as you did the right-hand drive. Just be careful with all the conversions and have a happy and safe driving.