5​ of Formula One’s Most Underrated Tracks

Formula One is by far one of the most well-known racing competitions in the world. The race comes with all sizes and shapes, from beautiful racing roads to the narrow streets. It is also organized in more than 21 countries yearly and received love from audiences around the world. However, regarding the fame of Formula One, not every single track is popular. In fact, many breathtaking tracks are being forgotten over time. For that reason, we bring you the top 5 of f1’s most underrated tracks in the history, and discuss the amazing features behind these.

Track 1: Autódromo José Carlos Pace – Brazil 

Every year at the end of the Formula One season, the Brazilian Grand Prix is held. One of the most significant things about this Grand Prix is the first and last sectors of the track. To be more specific, there are complex corners setting drivers up for the second DRS zone, which are perfect for overtaking. Not to mention, the middle sector contains a difficult set of corners. In order to maintain the first place, racers must have the right braking time, as well as patience on the throttle. Or else, the driver behind might close the gap. 

The Brazilian Grand Prix is definitely one of the f1’s most underrated tracks (Source: Unsplash)

In conclusion, Autódromo José Carlos Pace – Brazil is the track that requires continuous action at every season’s end. In 2019, apart from the appearance of Toro Rosso on the podium with a McLaren, there were Ferraris crash incidents.  Even though it is short, the Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the most breathtaking tracks of Formula One, and also one of the f1’s most underrated tracks.

Track 2: Red Bull Ring – Austria

In the 2020 season, Formula One organiztion decided to choose Red Bull Ring in Austria to be the battlefield. The audiences thought there is no way this second race can be as intense as the first race, and they had never been so wrong. Within two weeks, we saw a series of breathtaking moments, bringing this track to be in top 5 of f1’s most underrated tracks.

The Red Bull Ring of Austria is another track of Formula One. In spite of its short race, it still provides great racing experience for drivers. Unlike normal tracks that racers try to own Turn 1, racers in this Red Bull Ring tend to get a good exit up to turn 2 or 3 with a heavy braking zone.

Throughout history, this track hosted various dramas and incidents. In the year of 1999, a spinning accident between two teammates: David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen happened. In 2016, there was a collision between two teammates: Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. This incident ruined not only their first and second finish for Mercedes line-up but also their friendship.  

Even though turn 3 is the highlight of the red bull ring circuit, turn 4 is also an overtaking zone that all racers must notice. With its characteristic of long, downhill left-hander, turn 4 is the skill-required track. In 2020, Lewis Hamilton crashed on Alex Albon right at this corner and received a penalty. This collision also brought a podium for Lando Norris. With many stunning designs and tricky corners, Red Bull Ring of Austria deserves more recognition. 

Track 3: Circuit Gilles Villenueve – Canada

Without a doubt, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is the favorite Formula One track of many local race watchers. This track contains the most well-designed turns and various breath-taking moments every year. Placed in Montreal, the Canada’s circuit Gilles Villeneuve have three DRS straights, one high speed, two medium speed chicanes, along with a technical, slow set of corners and a hairpin. Sebastian Vettel made a 1:10:240 lap record with average speed around 1300 mph in the 2019 final qualifying session. This makes Canada Grand Prix one of the shortest tracks on the Formula One calendar.

Not only shortest, Canada is also one of the f1’s most underrated tracks (Source: Unsplash)

Compared with other tracks, Canadian’s circuit showed various favorite moments yearly. We can list the race in 2007 where Robert Kubica had a terrible rolling accident all across the track. Also, in the year of 2011 when Jenson Button eliminated all racers, claiming his victory from the last position like a lightning storm. Furthermore, no one can forget the 5-second penalty that Sebastian Vettel got instead of the championship prize in 2019. 

Into the bargain, this Circuit Gilles Villenueve provides many overtaking opportunities, which add the intensity for viewers and racers. To be more specific, the first corner is famous for diving down the inside. On the other hand, the corner at the last of the track requires racers to be skillful to go down the inside. In conclusion, we listed Canada’s track in top 5 of f1’s most underrated tracks. 

Track 4: Istanbul Park – Turkey

Even though being in the top favorite of many people, Istanbul Park tracks placed in Turkey is still one of the most underrated tracks in world audiences’ perspectives. The viewers in the past want the long, skill-required track. However, nowadays audiences enjoy the high speed, the overtaking moments from racers. Thanks to that, Turkey’s track, with just 7 races, is strongly becoming famous again. 

When discussing the track with the best corner of the world, Istanbul Park definitely positioned itself in top 5. To be more specific, this circuit is amazingly wide, with a well-known long and left-hand turn 8. And just like other tracks, Istanbul Park’s circuit holds the most memorable moments every year.

In 2008, Felipe Massa, repeat winner of the Turkish Grand Prix, is the one having the highest speed around the corner in the year of 2008. In 2010, Red Bull misclaimed itself a one-two victory due to the clash between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. While Sebastian Vettel raced away successfully on Turn 9 and 10 to reach first place, Vettel raised his speed and wheel-to-wheel with him on the left. At this point, it was also certain that they would hand-in-hand bring the one-two victory to Red Bull. However, Vettel turned left too early, which hit his right-rear wheel against Webber’s automobile.

This destroyed the endplate of Webber front wing, as well as the tyre of Vettle’s race car, which eliminated them from the track. And thanks for that, Lewis Hamilton can easily take the championship title for McLaren. Without a doubt, Sebastian Vettel would want a revenge race in the following year. Yet the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix is the last race due to the lack of funding from the government. Nevertheless, Istanbul Park in Turkey is an amazing track which needs more recognition from Formula One’s fans. 

Track 5: Bahrain International Track

Last but not least, we have the Bahrain International Track. Along with the Singapore Grand Prix, the Bahrain International is held at night. The Bahrain Grand Prix has 15 turns, three DRS zones and 3.6 mile in length. 

Without a doubt, many famous races happened at the Bahrain International Circuit. One of them was the battle between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in 2014.  

Not many people hear about Bahrain International Track (Source: Unsplash)

Along with nice structure, the Bahrain International track’s first corner is a tight hairpin. In order to hit the apex properly, racers must have perfect timing and master racing skills. Furthermore, the track contains tricky turns that require good braking and speeding skills. Turn 5 to 8, as well as turn 10 are clear examples.

Overall, Bahrain International is without a doubt a great, yet underrated track. However, with a series of difficult overtaking spots and corners, the entertainment will surely bring it to the spotlight.