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Which Is The Most Haunted Road To Drive On In The World?

Many illustrious stories of haunted roads are all around the world. Some people trust it, others don’t. People find these stories real when they have some strange experience while driving along. Not only the graveyards, abandoned buildings, or houses are scary, but also the roads are haunted. Let’s find out the most haunted road to drive on, where people had experienced some bizarre incidents.

The Most Haunted Road to Drive on – The Places

The roads are villainous and called haunted roads due to strange activities happening to the people driving down. Let us discuss some of the roads that are known as “haunted.”

Have a look at these scary roads from all around the globe

1. The Dead Man Curve, Ohio

The dead man’s curve is infamous in Ohio for its long catalog of victims. Driving on this path might become your last experience, adding you to the list as well. One must never trespass this scary road. If you ever take this route, stopping by the locals would be a bad choice. This is the most dangerous crossroad in the whole county. They constructed this road in 1831 and since then the list of victims has increased. In 1969, an accident happened by taking the lives of five teenagers after the car got hit by an Impala. This road carries a dark history and is the most haunted road to drive on.

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2. Clinton Road, New Jersey

Talk to the people of New Jersey for the haunted places there, and they will tell you the story of Clinton Road right away. There are a lot of tales related to this road in the world. The place is haunted and dangerous. The reports say that the ghost of a little boy flings the coins back if you throw it down the bridge. This place is so haunted that the caged animals from the nearby zoo are speculated hanging around on the road.

The most haunted road to drive on
Find out the most haunted road to drive on (Photo Source: clublexus)

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3. Shades of Death Road, Pennsylvania

Like the other haunted road stories, Shades of Death Road is the most terrifying of all. This place has a threatening background. On this road, many people are murdered brutally and their ghosts hang around now. Now they call it as Shades of Death Road because the ghosts of the dead still rove there. There are many stories of murders from the early 1900s, such as a man beaten to death; the woman decapitated her husband, and a man bulleted down.

4. The A75 Kinmount Straight, Scotland

Scotland has the most haunted road to drive on
Driving on the most haunted road to drive on (Photo Source: wallpaperfx)

This road has numerous records of ghosts and ghouls nowadays. For almost fifty years, several incidents have trembled the people living there. People call this road by the name The Ghost Road now. This road is called the most haunted and dangerous road for cars in Scotland. The story says that a truck driver hit the couple walking down, but never found the marks of them on the road. Before you make your decision to visit Kinmount Straight, industry knowledge of cars is a must.

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Wrapping Up

If you don’t trust the ghosts or paranormal activities, driving on these roads would be an adventure for you. These were some of the most haunted road to drive on straight away. Now the choice is all yours whether you want to drive to these places or stay home.

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