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Compare Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® vs. KEYLESS START

Technology these days never fails to amaze us, especially in the automobile industry. With today’s inventions, car owners can easily open, close, start or stop your Mercedes-Benz without the hassle of finding the car keys.

So what is Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go® and Mercedes-Benz Keyless Start®? In this article, we will help you understand. 


Before we jump into the differences between these two, it is essential to understand which is which. 

What is Mercedes-Benz Keyless Start®?

Keyless Start® is the car feature for most Mercedes. With this feature, car owners can start the vehicle just by stepping on the brake or pressing the Start button on the dashboard. In short, drivers can start the car without key requirements. 

Compare Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® vs. KEYLESS START
Mercedes-Benz owners can open the door automatically (Photo Source: pexels)

This is so popular in the car industry that it becomes a must-have automobile feature in every Mercedes-Benz. 

What is Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go®?

Mercedes Keyless Go® is an upgraded version of Keyless Start®. Just like Mercedes Keyless Start®, car owners can just use a dash-mounted button or press the brake pedal in order to start the vehicle. However, by carrying the key inside your pocket, your purse or your bag, drivers can open/close the doors automatically. All you need to do is just touch the door handle. This is thanks to the Keyless Go® that senses the Smart key is around and unlocked or locked the cars.

S-Class Coupe and GLE Coupe are the two models that come with this feature as standard. Other Mercedes-Benz cars can also have  this feature as an extra option when purchasing. 

Now we know that the Keyless Go® is the upgraded version of Keyless Start®, the next time is to understand the working mechanics of this smart feature. 

How to Use Keyless Go®?

When talking about the Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go®, car owners will think of the convenience of locking, stopping, unlocking, starting the car without even taking the SmartKey® out of the pocket. Not to mention, drivers can close the sunroof and windows of their cars while being outside. So how does this work?

Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go®
Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go®, a highlight of Mercedes (Photo Source: pixabay)

In order to operate the keyless Go®, drivers need to operate the Smartkey®. Drivers need to open the driver’s door by grasping the door’s handle, open it and unlock all the doors. There is a removable push button in the ignition that car owners can see clearly from the driver’s seat. You can leave it to start or stop your automobile when pushing this button. Drivers can also take it off in order to start your car normally with the SmartKey®.

When the Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go® system is activated by pressing this button, each press will open a different car feature:

Press one time, drivers can turn on the accessories of the vehicles. When pressing two times, the car will automatically turn on the electrical systems and the dash lights. After the third press, all features will be turned off. However, drivers need to open the door or remove their foots off the brake before pressing this. 

In case when car owners want to start the engine, all you need to do is press the brake pedal while pushing the start/stop button. In order to turn off the engine, car owners must shift the gears to park, then press the START button and keep the foot on the brake.   

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