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Truth Behind Hyundai Logo – Revealed Here

Let it be Hyundai, BMW, or Ferrari, every brand has its own identity. Automobile manufacturers use these logos to represent their brands. These are not just any random logos. They were selected for a specific reason. There is a meaning behind every logo and understating that may take you closer to that brand. Today we would understand the meaning behind the Hyundai logo along with the history of Hyundai – uncovering several aspects.

Hyundai Logo: What The Hyundai Sign Portrays

Let’s crack out the phase and the excitement you were holding for all the time. The logo of the Hyundai represents the word ‘H.’ Well, in reality, it is not just H, and it is more than that. The Hyundai logo is the Korean word ‘hanja’ as it is a South Korean company. The word depicts modernity, and so the brand sends a message of innovation with every automobile.

There is something more when it is about revealing the mystery behind the logo completely. The H like alphabet is a symbol where two individuals are shaking hands. One individual represents the company, and another one is the customer. Thus, their handshake represents the trust between them.

Hyundai logo- what are they hiding?
Hyundai logo is two men shaking hands (Photo Source: logoblink)

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There is another thing in the logo, the oval shape around the H. The oval shape indicates the global expansion that Hyundai covers its reach worldwide. And that is true as the company serves every customer in the world other than continent Asia.

The entire logo remains in silver, and that is a sign of sophistication. So the logo signifies trust, innovativeness, and sophistication, and on top of all supremacy as the complete meaning of Hyundai symbol.

Did you know: Hyundai features a particular font style and size for its logo for each model?

Hyundai Logo: The Origin Of Hyundai

Hyundai, as you know, is an automobile manufacturer that now serves as one of the well-known brands. For middle-class families or those who want an affordable vehicle every time, the brand serves very well. The Hyundai emblem is a unique approach that represents the brand with an H-like symbol.

It is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer that is situated in Seoul headquarters wise. Since 1967, Hyundai Motor Group has been serving, and so it operates with 75,000 people worldwide in 193 in all 5,000 dealerships and showrooms.

As you now know the Hyundai logo meaning, let’s dig deep into the history, Hyundai was first worked to provide the assembly to Ford Cortina. Later, the brand hired its own engineers and designers to design their creation. Pony was the rear wheel drive automobile that was produced till 1990 and remained in use till 2000.

This model was proved as one of the best selling models, and then Hyundai went to be recognized as a brand. Later, the automobile manufacturer began their construction with other vehicle types as hybrids and SUVs. The brand owns the well-known manufacturer Kia Motors that produces vehicles in Korea.

In the initial years, there was no logo though, and the company used a simple name plate to hint people about the brand. After a few years, the company expanded the business and came with a revolutionary and meaningful logo that you see today on every creation of Hyundai. The designers came with the fantabulous idea about their design that is based on trustworthiness. In all the years, the logo evolved, and now it seems like an ‘H.’

Hyundai logo- explained
Everything about Hyundai logo is based on trustworthiness (Photo Source: goodcarbadcar)

Interesting Facts About Hyundai

There is a lot more to know about the makers of low-priced yet reliable automobiles – the Hyundai. Let’s uncover some of the aspects and present you with some interesting facts.

  • Hyundai got the introduction on 29th December 1967, and hence it celebrates the day on the exact date every year.
  • The Hyundai’ creation Pony got popularity in no time and hence was exported to the Middle East, South America and Africa. The vehicle motivated Hyundai to release lore vehicles. Hence, Hyundai Granada took place in 1978 in Canada.
  • Hyundai made its sells in the United States in 1986, and today there is a Technical Center in an American city of Ann Arbor Michigan. The center is perfect for automotive purposes. Get more facts about cars and gain information by visiting Industry Knowledge.
  • In 1989, the Korean automaker created its first 1.5 lit engine as its own. Two years later the company developed new engines like Beta, Gamma, and Delta.
  • Hyundai Accent was another model that the company introduced in 1994. It was a big hit in the market that instantly gave the brand a hike of recognition. The total production of 1545000 automobiles for the model, and 394259 of them were sent to export.
  • In South Korea, Turkey, North America, China, India, Czech Republic, Russia and Brazil, the brand owns both production and assembly facilities.
Hyundai logo- Why you should know about it?
Hyundai logo is everywhere nowadays (Photo Source: autobics)

A Few More In The List Here: 

  • The next big thing was the 10 years warranty that Hyundai offered with every automobile. It was the first automaker for any such initiation. The brand got exposure quickly in all the continents where it was serving.
  • In South Korea, Hyundai also manufactures steel and hence it does not get supply from any supplier. The brand produces steel for manufacturing purposes, and undoubtedly, the steel is the high-quality steel at a low cost.
  • In Europe, 90% of the automobiles are derived from Hyundai, and hence you can see running these automobiles all over the continent.
  • When it comes to sponsoring any sporting event, Hyundai is the brand that does major of it such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro Cup.
  • The factory of Hyundai situated in South Korea, the main plant of the brand takes 5 million square meters. The place has a hospital and fire station too.
  • To your surprise, the brand has worked with the team of ‘The Walking Dead’ and created a vehicle that can survive the Zombie attacks.
Hyundai logo- The Truth
Hyundai logo is known by the world now (Photo Source: carwale)


This way the Hyundai logo indulged itself in creating a meaningful logo. Hyundai today is one of the best automobile brands in the world that we all know for its affordable and reliable vehicles. We hope you enjoy reading out some of the interesting facts about the brand.

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