How to Research a Car Online: The Ultimate Guide

Nowaday, customers can easily research new vehicles online thanks to the internet. And of course, this research process can quickly be done from the comfort of a mobile device as well as your computer. The real benefit in researching a car online is that you can avoid dealing with pushy salespeople, as well as driving from dealership to dealership. And of course, you do not have to spend cash on a car you hate to drive every day. 

The Reasons Why We should Research a Car Online

It is the fact that customers with no preparation are the sweet targets of dealers. There are thousands of customers that fail to prepare before trying to buy a car every day. And of course, they blindly attempt to negotiate with professional car salesmen and are pulled into dealerships. Not doing your homework before purchasing an automobile is a risky way and most of the time, the dealers will win with a deal in their favors. And the worst part is, most dealers will not let you return the car once you have signed a contract. Maybe they will let you trade for another car if you get lucky to have a kind dealer. However, if they do, make sure you have the preparation for a giant financial loss.  

research car online
Research is the first task customers must perform (Photo Source: pexels)

And in order to avoid this case, you need to remember these useful reminders: Number one, always understand how dealers make money. Number two, always keep calm and keep your emotions in check. And number 3, the most important one, is to not buy a vehicle on impulse. Buyers need to take your time to think and select the correct automobile by researching upfront before signing anything. And this is when the internet is amazingly helpful. Customers can either shop online or go to a car dealership to browse their car stock list. 

The main goal of researching online is to protect yourself. Remember, every car salesman wants to sell you a car. And most of them are honest, trustworthy people. However, there always might be  an unethical salesman who may do anything and tell lies to serve that purpose. For that reason, you must protect yourself with all the situations that might come.  

Crucial Research Information to Collect

Assuming that you already know why we should research a vehicle online, here are some information that buyers need to research:

  1. Year, make, model and trim
  2. The VIN (also known as 17 digit vehicle identification number)
  3. Added option packages with added price as well as dealer and manufacturer added options manufacturer suggested Retail price( MSRP)
  4. And if you want to negotiate prices, the websites also provide car destination charge.


Benefits of Research New Car Online

You must be wondering: What kind of information could you find from the website of cars? Then don’t worry, this article will guide you through. In order to have effective research, here are some contents that available on the research sites: 

  • You can find, compare and search new vehicles.
  • You can check to see if the car is available in your local area.
  • The website might provide free tools. Ownership calculators or car loans are the best example.
  • You can request no-obligation new vehicle price quotes with almost no cost.
  • The average price paid amounts for automobiles in your area.
  • You can find dealer incentive information, as well as current buyer rebate
  • You can also find invoice prices of the car you want, along with the MSRP.
  • You might calculate true costs to simplified pricing.
  • You can read road tests, car reviews, awards, best and worst automobile lists.
  • You can also check manufacturer information, industry automobile news as well as buyer reviews.
  • You might recall maintenance costs.
  • Last but not least, buyers can also have the information of car specifications, features and fuel economy reviews.

Free Online Automobile Research Sites

In case you want to have some of the best online car buying websites, we will explain the benefits as well as the list of the most trustworthy websites. First of all, they will allow buyers to search and look up everything. You can find everything from towing capacity as well as gas mileage for a specific car. Buyers can even find the measurement of the automobile if you are unsure if it fits your garage. One tip when searching for your favorite car is to search many websites, then start filtering the car you do not like. Once you are done with the filters, you can start comparing them by specifications, price, safety or whatever you think is important. And the benefits of trustful car buying websites is that buyers can request free no-obligation discounted price quotes from these sites.  

The websites are crucial for car buyers (Photo Source: pexels)

To save viewer’s time, we gather all the top sites on the internet based on the accuracy and up-to-date information. Not only that, they also answer all the questions you may have while reviewing, researching or comparing multiple automobiles with godlike speed.

And if you want to test the waters, pre-shopping or really want to buy a new car, these websites are your cup of tea.      

  1. Car From Japan
  2. Edmunds
  3. Car(Deal) Finder
  4. CarsDirect