How to Easily Renew Your Car’s Registration

Renewing your car’s registration is just another essential thing you have to do in life, it is important that you get it done as soon as you can to ensure you stay legal while on the road. The process doesn’t have to be stressful, and if you are organized and efficient then things can be straightforward and simple on your end. Once you have everything in place then of course you are just waiting for the DMV to process your paperwork, which might not be so quick or straightforward, unless of course, you use a company on your behalf. Using a company to help you through the process could end up saving you time, money, and hassle so it is an option you should strongly consider.

Car Registration
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What Do You Need To Know

Passenger cars need to be registered to be legally used on the road. When you renew your car’s registration you provide personal information together with details about your car, you then pay a registration fee. You can find out more at this website which explains that you could face a penalty fine, potential impoundment, or a ticket if you declare false details, or if you fail to renew your registration. Vehicle registration is super important as it links a car to the owner. When you renew your car registration you will receive a new sticker in the mail.

What Is A Car Registration Document

It is an important document that states you own the car and that it is registered and legal to drive on the roads. It is illegal to not have a car registration document. Documents should be kept up to date including showing your current and correct address, any inaccuracies should be immediately reported. Not having a car registration document registered to you could be terrible, especially if you are stopped or pulled over, it could result in you receiving a penalty or a fine. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to your car being put in the impound, which of course would then cost you quite a bit to get it released.

Renew Your Car's Registration
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How Long Will The Process Take

Timescales can vary vastly depending on the time of year you make your application or renewal, how many staff are running the DMV and how many correct or incorrect applications they get. Lots of time gets wasted on documents that are out of date or useless to the DMV so make sure you are not one of these time wasters and get your information up to date as soon as you can. The timescale can also vary if the DMV is working through a backlog and a long waiting list. If you are fortunate then the renewal of your registration could be complete in as little as 2 weeks or it could be longer. If you need to get a renewal done urgently then it is probably best to seek assistance from a specialist and knowledgeable company who know in depth how the process works.

How Much Are The Fees

There are a few things that can change the fees that you pay on your car and these include: The value of your car and the weight of your car. Initial registration fees can also vary if you have a new car. It is always best to check with your local DMV as to what fees you will pay and when payment is due to ensure you don’t get hit with any fees or penalties.

What Documents Do You Need To Renew Your Car’s Registration

To renew your car’s registration in a quick and easy timeline you will need the renewal that the DMV has sent to you, together with your expiring registration (or your old registration document). If you are in a position where you have neither of these documents then you need to correctly fill in a REG 156 form from the DMV.

Can You Renew Online

If you have the time and the inclination then yes you can renew online. In addition to time, you also need to have a valid payment method, this can include credit card and debit card. You have to have correct and adequate insurance in place for your car and you must have an electronic smog certificate for your car on file. Don’t forget you will also need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Hull Identification Number (HIN) and from this number, you will need the last 5 digits. It is worth remembering that you can only renew your registration online if your insurance company electronically reports information to the DMV. 

What Can Stop You Renewing Your Registration Online

You will not be able to renew your car registration online if you do not know the last 5 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Hull Identification Number (HIN), if your car is not insured, if there is no smog certificate registered or if you have no credit card or debit card to pay for the registration, so, it is worth making sure you have all of these things in place before committing any more time or energy.

How Often Do You Need To Renew Your Registration

There are times when you need to renew your registration, and these will depend on which state you are in. You will need to check if you are subject to annual or biennial registration, check with your current state or check with the state you are planning to move to. As well as renewing when you move home you will also need to renew if and when you buy a new car. Usually, if you have purchased privately you will have to pay the fees and handle everything yourself.

It is always important to keep your documents up to date at all times to ensure that your car is legal and not at risk of being impounded or towed away. Be safe and be legal, think about what you would lose should your car get taken away from you, and then think about how little it costs to renew your registration, and get started today.