Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Risks: What You Need to Know Before Buying One

Electric and Hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity in many countries. And are considered a new consumption trend in the future. In the context of high fuel prices and environmental pollution. People tighten their wallets for gas-consuming luxury cars, hybrid and electric cars have emerged as the right and reasonable choices. 

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) represents a technology bridge toward environmental concern. The highest goal is to reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions to the environment while still ensuring the moving purposes of users.

The benefits are obvious, but there are things you should know and understand before deciding to buy yourself or your family hybrid and electric cars in the future. The problem Car From Japan will discuss in the article is the potential dangers related to using EHVs and how to restrict the hazards.

Hybrid cars
Potential dangers in electric and hybrid vehicles (Photo: flickr.com)

The potential risks of using Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Voltage risks

The voltage used in hybrid cars is potentially hazardous and should therefore be taken to prevent electric shock in direct or indirect contact. Typical levels of EHVs vary from 48V to 800V DC (direct current). We can see the voltage is much higher compared to other standard cars (12/24V DC). 

Owners still need to note that electric shock is affected by 2 main factors: voltage and amperage. One of these two components is when a certain threshold is reached. Will affect human life. Hybrid and electric vehicles can completely achieve the above voltage and amperage parameters. Therefore, it is entirely possible that DC electric shock, even death, occurs.

Battery dangerous

The fact that EHVs models are becoming more and more popular, smarter. And more durable thanks to increasingly developed battery technology. But what’s gone be? if the battery is not dealt with properly. 

In 2020, AutoinsuranceEZ researchers also analyzed vehicle recall data regarding fire hazards of EHVs. And found that they all involved battery problems. The researchers concluded that “most battery problems can lead to fires, rather than wiring problems.”

Do you know how dangerous the batteries of electric and hybrid cars are? If there is an explosion, the battery will generate a huge amount of harmful emissions. Along with a large amount of soot containing metal oxides. Which also causes great effects on human health as well as damage to the environment.

Hybrid vehicle
Do you know how dangerous the batteries of an electric and hybrid vehicles are? (Photo: pinterest.com)

The “Silence” cars.

Why do we call that? Can you hear the noise of a hybrid car? According to CNN, Electric and hybrid cars are appreciated for being environmentally friendly. But can be dangerous for some people because they are too quiet. In fact, pedestrians can hardly recognize an oncoming car. And the risk is especially high for the visually impaired. 

Although a sound generation system is mandatory for all new electric and hybrid models developed and sold in Europe in 2020, there still exist hazards for old models.

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The hazards of electric and hybrid maintenance

EHVs use DC power with very high voltage during vehicle operation. It is this that is a danger to the mechanic and yourself when you need maintenance. A question is “Can a technician be electrocuted when working on HEVs” 

In electric and hybrid vehicles there are components with voltages above 60 volts. Including components that consume a huge amount of power. In particular, the high-voltage network in HEV components operates with direct voltages up to 650 volts. Any repairman or technician working here with non-insulated tools is putting their lives at risk.

According to experts, When switching to EHV. It will be necessary to pay attention to solve two basic problems: fire safety and waste disposal of batteries. The possibility of battery explosion in electric vehicles is very high. So it will be very dangerous for us when we need to replace or repair the parts in the car.

hybrid maintenance
Hybrid maintenance can cause dangerous for repairmen If you don’t have the right protection tools. (Photo: pinterest.com)

What should we do to reduce electric and hybrid vehicles risks?

  • Typically, hybrid cars have a safety switch or disconnection mechanism that disconnects the battery from the vehicle’s system. The location of the switch and the disconnection procedure will vary from model to year. As a tip, wait 15 minutes after turning off the car engine and the hybrid battery before starting the repair work.
  • Suddenly acceleration with electric and hybrids can be dangerous. Unlike petrol or diesel cars, the EHVs motor has constant torque across all rpm ranges in a particular range. The power of the engine is transmitted directly to the rotating shafts causing the car to accelerate continuously. In the case of rapid and repeated acceleration. The battery discharging faster will reduce the operating range of the electric car. Therefore, drivers should accelerate slowly and moderately to ensure the life of the battery.
  • In addition, too high a speed (over 100 km/h) can also affect the autonomy of the battery. Therefore, drivers must be vigilant to maintain a moderate speed to ensure safety as well as battery performance.
  • For EHV models, you must pay special attention when charging the battery. During the battery charging process. The electric vehicle is connected to the main distribution network. And all precautions should be taken to avoid the risk of electric shock. To increase the lifespan battery, users should charge up to 80%.
electric and hybrid vehicles risks
How to reduce electric and hybrid vehicles risks (Photo: pinterest.com)


The note when using a hybrid vehicle.

According to experts, when using a hybrid vehicle, drivers should note the following experiences:

– EV Mode should be given priority.

– Gently and decisively stepping on the gas will help the electric motor work longer.

– Depressing the brake lightly and early will help restore the battery more quickly.

– When stopping at a traffic light, do not bring the gear lever to N because energy will not be recovered, the battery enters a discharged state. If you stop for a long time, turn the gear lever to P.

– When driving on open roads, highways, etc. Priority should be given to using the Cruise Control automatic throttle system.

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Can the car run if the hybrid battery is damaged?

A hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (like a normal car). Therefore, if the car runs out of battery, only the electric motor can’t work. And the internal combustion engine can still work, so the car can still run. However, only in standby mode with limited speed. 

At this time, it is necessary to quickly bring the car to the garage for immediate inspection and repair. Special note if the battery is damaged. The stopped vehicle will not be able to start. Because the engine needs to use electricity from the hybrid battery to start.

How long is the battery lifespan of EHVs?

There are many factors that affect the battery lifetime. The most important of which is how to maintain and use it. Each electric and hybrid vehicle will have a different battery lifespan.


Using electric and hybrid vehicles in the future will be one of the effective ways to protect the environment and save fuels. But before using it, we need to consider the disadvantages as well as the potential dangers to protecting ourselves and the environment.