Can You Blow Up A Car By Shooting The Gas Tank?

It is incredible that the vehicle blows up, when a gun shots in its fuel or gas tank. However, the creation of such effects in the movies makes people believe them in real life, too. Thus, it has become important know to learn whether shooting the gas tank causes an immediate fire or not.

What Can Cause a Car to Blow Up?

It is a proven fact that for the catching the fire, three essential elements are required. These are, oxidizing agent, heat, and fuel. Moreover, if any one of these is not present, it is impossible for the fire to light up.

Now, when it comes to the automobile vehicles, there is a meager amount of oxygen in the fuel tank that prevents the fire. And afterward, the explosion of the car. So, to blow up a car by shooting the gas tank is only possible by punching a hole in the tank for the oxygen to enter and heat to evolve. Because, this let the temperature of the gasoline to reach around 500o F.

Shooting the gas tank in the right way
What are the effects of shooting the gas tank

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Type of Bullet that can Blow Up the Car

In every action movie, it is shown that with a single bullet shot in the fuel tank, it immediately catches fire and causes the car to blow up in the air. However, when some experts performed, it was deduced that even three shots in the tank do not cause any fire. Thus, it proves that the regular bullet does not ignite the fire, as in the movies.

But it is important to know that “Tracer or Incendiary” bullet is built with the pyrotechnic charge in their base. And, on firing this bullet from a large distance with gasoline tank as the prime target then, it can cause the tank to explode in some cases. Otherwise, in normal cases, it would still take more than a single shot to put the car on fire. In an exceptional case, if the gasoline tank is almost empty, it can catch up the fire but still, its likelihood is quite small.

Safety of the Gas Tank

Apart from shooting the gas tank, the vehicles experiencing a sudden stress can produce a lot of heat due to friction. Therfore, to avoid any blow up, the regular authorities already have enforced the security standards to ensure that the tank doesn’t catch up fire easily.

So, now finally getting this industrial knowledge regarding the car blown up, would not let you panic, even if your car met with an accident or shot by a gun.