Want to Buy a Car in Kenya? Ask Yourself These Crucial Questions!

Owning a car, especially the first car, is a major step towards independence and adult life. But, the process is not as easy as going to the dealer’s shop, choose a car, and drive it home. The first time drivers are more eager to sit behind the wheels than doing proper research and investing enough time to sort out their priorities. When you decide to buy a car in Kenya, you should be extra cautious because a wrong move can land you in a lopsided deal.

Want to Buy a Car in Kenya? Ask Yourself These Questions!

You must ask yourself these questions when you decide to buy a car in Kenya. Otherwise, the chances are high that you will end up paying way more than what you are supposed to.

1. What type of car do I need?

Surprisingly, most people just plan to buy a dream car without having a clue about why they need it. Determining your car needs is important because purchasing a Mercedes-Benz for daily commute will be nothing else but a costly mistake. A car that you are going to use daily should be a model that offers the best mileage. On the other hand, a Toyota Camry Hybrid or BMW would be a better choice for relaxed or occasional usage.

buy a car in Kenya
Choose the car based on your priorities. Source: How Kenya News

Once you decide on the make and model, then a few other things will come into consideration – the final cost, selecting a dealer, and availability of any special offer.

2. Do I have enough money to pay for the additional costs?

In the excitement of purchasing the dream car, most people forget that the price tag on that shiny thing is not the limit of their expenses. You still have to spend for the insurance, maintenance, and small repairs (if it is a used car).

3. Shall I look for a financier?

Of course, you will if you don’t have enough money to purchase the car. You should be extremely cautious at this step because many financiers will sweet talk you into a deal and then milk you out by showing many hidden charges. Sometimes, your dealer may find you a financier but make sure that the papers include all the terms and conditions so that they cannot take advantage in any way.

It is easy to borrow money to buy a car in Kenya but you should take time to understand all the clauses of the financing. Make sure that there is nothing vague about the monthly installment rate, late payment fees, payback time, and other terms. Also, you should take a look at your income and determine whether your earning is enough to repay the loan.

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4. Shall I just purchase from any dealer that offers me a good rate?

Absolutely no! It is important to find a trusted and reputed car dealer that does not do any shady business. A crooked dealer can leave you financially drained or even worse – leading to a legal problem.

There are some dealers who sell stolen or smuggled vehicles. If you are not diligent with the paperwork, purchasing such a car can land you into legal problems. Some dishonest dealers may also secure a bank loan by showing the car sold to you as a collateral. When you find out about it, there will hardly be any way to wriggle yourself out of the situation. Any of these unfortunate situations will cost you much more than what you had anticipated at the time of the purchase.

5. Is a long test drive necessary to test a car?

Yes. Most people settle for a short test drive because they are impatient and because the salesperson asks them to do so. But, taking a long drive is an important step to buy a car in Kenya after fixing your choice and securing the financier.

buy a car in Kenya
Go for a long test drive before making the decision. Source: Parents Magazine

A long test drive will help you figure out how good the car’s mileage, fuel efficiency, and other interior features are. Don’t hesitate to turn the deal down if you are not completely satisfied with the car. Remember that a rash decision will never land you into a good deal.

6. Do I need to purchase a car insurance?

Yes. If you are a Kenyan, you will have to buy a liability insurance for your car. Without it, you won’t have the permission to bring it into the road. There are various types of insurances, offering a minimum coverage to an all-inclusive protection. You should choose one considering the worth of your car, the conditions of the roads you are going to drive, the crime rate in your area, your financial condition, and a few other factors. Check the policies of several insurance providers and compare their quotes before making the final decision. Doing so will help you to secure the best insurance policy within your budget.

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