Beamer Car And BMW – Why Two Names For One Car?

People always have the tendency to shorten the lengthy terms so they can be pronounced and understood better. The same happened with the automotive industry as many brands today are now shortened in terms of pronunciation. For example, Mercedes Benz became Merc, Volkswagen became Volksie, and similarly, Fiesta ST became Fist. Bee Em Double You or BMW is not an exception to this. Today, we are going to extend this interesting topic so you get to know why BMW is called a beemer, bimmer, or a beamer car.

Why Is BMW Also Known As A Beamer Car?

To get the right idea about the acronym, you need to dig out a bit of history of BMW. Well, back in those days, BMW was not a car manufacturer or there was no beamer car. The company first started with manufacturing motorcycles only.

BMW used to have a competitor those days as the BMW was a part of the racing industry. Over time, both of the companies developed slang terms for their brands so they appear cool while pronouncing. The competitor was BSA and the term they developed was Beeser.

beamer car and bmw are the same
The company first started with manufacturing motorcycles only. (Photo Source: hotcars)

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Similarly, BMW’s slang term was Beemer or Beamer. Both of these terms were used to represent BMW’s motorcycles. After a few years, BMW entered the car-manufacturing genre and so the BMW enthusiasts excitedly developed a term for the cars too. The term could not be the same or the cars could not be called a BMW beamer because it was for the motorcycles only.

beamer car-why is the same as bmw
The BMW cars are also known as Bimmers (Photo Source: bmw)

As a result, the enthusiasts gave the cars a slang term that sounded similar but was different spelling wise. The slang was ‘Bimmer’ and since then the BMW cars are also known as Bimmers.

Even today, many people get confused among these three terms as they all sound the same. However, two of these terms are used for motorcycles that are Beemer and Beamer, and one slang term is for all BMW cars and that is Bimmer.

  • Beamer: Slang term for a BMW motorcycle
  • Beemer: Another slang term for a BMW motorcycle
  • Bimmer: Slang term for a BMW automobile or car

The History Behind The BMW Logo

So, now you know all three terms and you can talk confidently about it. However, sometimes people ask what kind of car is a beamer. Well, there is no beamer kind of car and the term is always used for a motorcycle.

Along with the slang terms, let’s have a clear idea about how BMW’s logo came to light. Know more about cars by visiting here Industry Knowledge.

BMW logo represents two colors: white and blue inside a circle. As per the controversies, the logo holds two different interpretations. According to the first one, the black circle of the logo depicts a rotating propeller with white or silver blades for and its relation to the blue sky.

Another interpretation shows the official flag of Bavaria where the BMW began the production. However, the second interpretation seems truer than the first one as per all the discussion with BMW itself.

beamer car- is it what we call bmw
There is no beamer kind of car and the term is always used for a motorcycle (Photo Source: pitstopweekly)


A beamer car is always a motorcycle and if anyone uses beamer for a car, he is using the wrong slang. There is one slang term for a BMW car and that is Bimmer. We hope this information will help you know more about this car. Go ahead and read it now!