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5 Annoying Car Trends That Should Be Removed In 2019

Another year has commenced, still a few annoying car trends are irritating the hell out of us. True, car is the biggest investment and when you are investing so much in one vehicle, why would you irritate yourself with certain trends that are going on from forever? Innovation and advancement in vehicle industry is a sure thing. But with these, even arrives certain annoying car trends that are hard to bear.

So, let’s explore some of the worst ones, which we all believe should be discontinued by 2019 ends.

5 Annoying Car Trends That Should Be Removed In 2019

Without much ado, let’s get into the list of car trends that are annoying us like anything.

Extremely Silent Cars

Isn’t that dangerous for people anyway? Of course it is! Imagine you crossing the road and these super silent cars are right behind you with no sound or noise. This freaks many people out, as this could be dangerous for those walking on the streets and even for other vehicles as well.

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Burying Individualistic Expression

There is a thing about cars, a few of them looks so similar that it is simply killing the individualistic expression. There are infinite possibilities of what car manufacturers can do with the car. So, why just stick to the same design and style, when so much can be done with these vehicles. Of course, it may help the customers to identify and relate to the brand. But why repetition kills creativity. Is there really the need to manufacture your latest sports car so that it looks the replica of maybe some SUV?

Jewel Shaped Headlights

Okay, so this might be appealing to the eyes, but what’s the use? Will these jewel shaped headlights would do anything to better the performance or speed? Perhaps, no! So, what’s the point adding this to the vehicle. In short, it is simply adding to the price of the car, which in any way is not good for the customer.

Bogus Exhaust Tips

Now this trend is quite tacky, to be precise. These bogus exhaust tips are a huge disappointment for every car lover. It doesn’t only look bad, but has nothing to do with the performance of the vehicle. In short, useless trend that should be stopped right away. Moreover, one should have industry knowledge to know more about the trends.

Terribly Low Tires

Many of us find these pleasing to the eyes. But when you realize that the rubber is so thin on the tire, it is quite difficult and uncomfortable to drive such cars. Yes, it may look extremely amazing to the eyes, but when it comes to the comfort and performance, these tires can be marked as the best.

 Industry Is A Matter Of ANNOYING CAR TRENDS

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The car business is incredibly awesome, but there are certain annoying car trends that can irritate you every time. So, we can only hope that these trends come to an end in 2019 and give us better vehicles to drive.