$7.5 million Lamborghini model costs more than 17 Aventador supercars

Shelling out for a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, or even a Bugatti suddenly seems to make a lot more sense. After all, those exotic cars are at least drivable! This 1:8 scale gold Lamborghini Aventador model is constructed out of diamonds, carbon-fiber, platinum, gold and a variety of precious stones.

gold lamborghini aventador

The world’s most expensive model car is expected to fetch a minimum of $7.5 million when it goes to auction later this month.

For about $400,000, you could park a brand new Lamborghini Aventador in your garage or driveway.

Or if you want to spend an extra $7 million, you could park this model of one in your den.

Built by Robert Gülpen Engineering, the model was recently presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show. According to the company’s website, Lamborghini was a natural choice because the automaker’s cars are “exclusive, sensual and challenging, and unmistakably Italian.”

Fair enough, but not even an Aventador has LED headlights made out of real diamonds.

gold lamborghini aventador

You could buy a Bugatti Veyron for every day of the week, or this one model car.

The gold Aventador model’s entire body is constructed out of carbon-fiber, and extremely thin (1/1000 millimetres) threads of solid gold are wrapped around the fibres.

Solid gold and platinum are used to cast the model’s wheel rims, along with the interior, seats, and steering wheel. As if the model isn’t crazy enough, the car’s bullet-proof case should drive that point home.

Of course, that got us wondering: Has anyone ever shot a model car?

gold lamborghini aventador

The gold-plating is optional. You can also specify that your multi-million dollar model is finished in exposed carbon-fiber (with solid gold threads woven into it). Peek through the windshield for a glimpse of the jewel-encrusted cabin!

A gigantic and bejewelled Lamborghini badge is also included. In fact, all three items – the model, the military-spec display case, and the Lambo badge – are aiming to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

We’d be tempted to add the fourth record to that list: Most enormous waste of money.

Then again, at least roughly $600,000 of the price will go to a charity of the winning bidder’s choosing. That’s right; the $7.5 million asking price is only the reserve placed on the gold Lamborghini model before the auction.

Bidding could push the price even higher.

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