7 Ways to Survive if You’re Stranded on a Deserted Road

A planned fun road trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a deserted road. With no other vehicles in sight, being stuck on a deserted road by yourself can be scary. We’ve all seen it in Hollywood movies, but experiencing it, in reality, is completely different than just watching from the comfort of your couch. If you plan to go on a road trip, you need to be prepared for such emergencies because this scenario can happen to anybody at any time. 

If this thought gives you goosebumps, read through our guide to learn about 7 simple tips to help you survive if you’re stranded on a deserted road.

deserted road
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Be Prepared

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while preparing for a road trip. Always double-check the gas in your vehicle, the pressure in your vehicle’s tires, and the condition of the engine. Additionally, keep a spare tire and a first-aid kit in your trunk for emergencies. Carrying bottles of water and packets of food in your car is a good idea if you commute regularly. During winters, a blanket must be stored in your car too, because you never know when you might need it. Preparation is the key to unforeseen events and emergencies.

Do Not Panic

That’s right! The main factor for survival is to stay calm and keep yourself under control. A cool mind is necessary to help yourself out of a difficult situation. Panic and fear clouds our judgment and even simple things seem difficult. Try to take deep breaths to help you stabilize your heartbeats. Our thinking capability is better when our mind is relaxed. To get out of a sticky situation, you need to gather and focus all your attention on your current state and situation. 

Analyze Your Situation 

If you ever face a situation where your vehicle breaks down, or you get stuck during bad weather, take a look outside and analyze your surroundings. Try to determine your location so that it’ll be easier to convey your location to someone when you call for help. Find out the source of your problem and consider ways to resolve them. Suppose you have a flat tire, check whether you have a spare one in your car. If you don’t, then you might need to call for help. Once you’ve figured out a plan, start implementing steps to get it in motion. 

Call For Help

This one is a bit obvious. However,  quite often the shocking realization of our situation leaves us confused. In the event of an accident or mishap, call the emergency number of your area straight away. Or if your car’s engine breaks down, a towing service that assists at all hours should be called. Although, for this to be possible you need to be aware of your location. Use the GPS on your phone to know your exact location. This will help the rescuers to easily locate you and come to your aid. In case your internet isn’t working, you can refer to a map, if you have one, and guess your current location. And then you can direct and guide others accordingly.

Keep A Lookout

In the worst-case scenario, if you’re stranded in some remote location with no network coverage, you should turn on your car’s hazard lights and pop open the bonnet/hood of the car to indicate to any passing vehicle that you need help. In case you’re stranded because of bad weather and there’s too much snow, fog, or darkness, you can place light flares near the front and back of the car. It will be much easier for you to be noticed that way. If nothing else works, try honking the car’s horn to grab attention.

Save Energy

Depending on your location, it might take time for emergency services to reach you. In that case,  you will need to save the battery of your phone. Turn off the internet on your cell phone and turn on its power-saving mode. Depending on the amount of food and water that is available, you can assume how long it’ll last and how often you should eat and drink. If you think your rescue will take a few days, try to conserve your food. Your main resource will be water. Human bodies can survive without food for a few days, but not without water. You need to utilize your resources very carefully. The wait may not be as long as you imagine, and everything will be fine. But in case it is longer than anticipated, you’ll thank yourself for your conscious decisions.

Stay Secured

Being stranded alone on a deserted road can be very dangerous. Do not wander far from your vehicle in search of help. It is possible to encounter thieves, crooks, or even wild animals in some situations. The best thing to do is to keep yourself secured inside the car. Once you’ve called for emergency help, take out necessary items you may need from the trunk of your car and keep them with you inside the car’s cabin. After you’ve done so, lock your car’s door and keep your windows shut. Whatever your state might be, stepping out of your vehicle on a dark road or in stormy weather should be avoided at all costs.

deserted road
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The feelings of helplessness and loneliness can start creeping in really soon if you’re stranded somewhere. You should think positively and not lose hope. A positive mindset has proven to result in positive outcomes. The way you react to a situation has as much impact on your survival as much as your preparedness does. Even if you fail to be prepared, your reaction can truly alter the situation. Always inform someone when you’re traveling to faraway locations. Update your friends and family whenever possible along the way. Someone knowing your last whereabouts can be extremely helpful in tracking you and will bring you the required peace of mind that someone out there will be looking for you!