Whether To Turn Off AC Before Turning Off Car Or Vice Versa

When anyone learns driving, they think that this is it! They have become the masters of driving, but one forgets that there is a lot more to cars and driving that needs to be known. One of such things you need to be aware of includes knowing whether to turn off AC before turning off car or not? Yes, these minute details too, make a difference. Read on to know how.

Should You Turn Off AC Before Turning Off Car?

The car’s AC is an electrical device that blows the cool air when in need. The engine drives the device, i.e., if the engine is off, the AC wouldn’t work either. There is confusion whether should you turn off AC before turning off car or not. Let’s drive away the confusions right away!

1. The Popular Belief

The essential component of an AC system is a compressor. It is the compressor that connects the AC to the engine through a cassette wire. The connection goes live only when an engine starts, that is why an AC only works when the engine is running. The car drivers believe that the engine would take on the extra load if the AC is in “ON” phase when the car is in ignition phase. This belief is based on the fact that AC consumes much power and fuel when working.

For your surprise, it does not matter whether you turn off AC before turning off car or vice versa. The engine of the car goes unaffected, and choosing to turn off AC or turning off the engine altogether is ultimately your choice.

Know about how to turn off ac before turning off car
How to turn off ac before turning off car.

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2. What If The Battery Is Old?

It does not matter whether you turn off the engine without depressing the AC button, but that is only when the car battery is new. In case, the car’s battery is old; the AC is likely to put a load on the engine. As in, when you start the engine with the AC “ON,” the load on the starter motor would consequentially increase.

This may result in the engine not starting at all, or it starting with a certain overload. One should not ignore the power usage from the battery when the engine gets started by the driver. To be on the safer side, you may switch off the AC before you turn off the engine. You could also go through maintenance tips if you wish to learn the art of vacuuming the car’s AC system.

3. The Advantage Of The New Technology

Technology has been a boon to the automotive industry! In older vehicles, you still had to think twice before turning off the engine without turning off the AC. This is because it would add a certain load on the engine. With advancements, the ECU system automatically cuts off the connections to all electrical devices. This happens to ensure that the fuel and battery can be effectively utilized for starting the engine.

Whether you turn off air conditioning before starting car or before turning off the car, it does not make a difference. As everything is automatic, you do not have to worry about a thing. Car makers are continuously innovating and making things easy for you, even when you forget to switch off a thing such as car lights.

When to turn off ac before turning off car
Turn off ac before turning off car explained.

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Now that you know that there are not many problems associated when you turn off AC before turning off car, you can take a sigh of relief! Always remember, even the smallest of your actions can harm your car! So, if your battery and car model is old enough, turning off AC before coming to a halt is not that a bad idea.