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How Long Should You Warm Up Car Before Driving?

Many car owners believe that it’s crucial to warm up their cars before driving off. A number of people are following this practice from a very long time. They usually feel that by doing it will warm up their vehicle engine. Hence, it will help their car to run smoothly and efficiently. But, is this statement true? Well, let’s discover further what is the real truth behind it and also explore “how long should you warm up car before driving?

For How Long Should You Warm Up Car Before Driving?

Many car drivers chase the practice of warming up vehicles since ages. But, is that really essential? Well, with the earlier models of cars that have carburetors, it was important for motorists to warm their vehicles for a few minutes before driving off. It was because these cars used a manual choke cable that needed to be pulled before starting to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

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But, nowadays it is not necessary for drivers to warm up their car before they actually start driving. With the advancements in the automobile technology, modern cars don’t require this practice of warming up. These cars come with coolant temperature sensors, air pressure sensors, air temperature sensors, and many more inputs. During the start of your vehicle, the onboard computer system of the car works on these set of inputs and hence the process is known as ‘open loop.’

Explore How long should you warm up car before driving
Look out for How long should you warm up car before driving

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The vehicle starts warming up during the open loop and in the meanwhile, the computer compels the engine to reimburse for the list of inputs involved with warning up. Once it’s done, the engine enters into closed loop and hence it is warmed up. Thus, there’s no need now to warm up your vehicle by keeping it idle for some time. The engine warms up itself and is ready to drive in spite of temperature. To avail more information about the whole process, you can refer to some expert car driving tips.

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So, it largely depends on the model, age, and make of your car whether it requires warming up or not. Moreover, idling your car for a longer time can result in several harmful factors. It generates higher levels of an invisible, poisonous, and odorless gas .i.e. carbon monoxide. In addition, it can also degrade the performance of your engine over time. Therefore, you should not allow your car to remain idling for a longer period. You need not pay attention to old advice now.

All about How long should you warm up car before driving
How long should you warm up car before driving explained

In case if you want to defrost the windows or heat up the interior of your car, you can warm up the engine for a few minutes. But, for driving purpose, it is not at all necessary. Hopefully, now the answer to the question ‘how long should you warm up car before driving’ is cleared. Next time, there’s no need to warm up your car’s engine if you own a modern car.

  1. moses....kenya says

    A question: when or after how long should we switch off our engine after driving for along distant?

    1. Donald Ngota says

      It is necessary to leave the engine to idle for some time after driving for along distance, especially if you were driving at night with vehicle electrical accessories turned on eg. Wipers,defroster, headlights etc. This is to allow the battery to recharge fully so you can have enough voltage to restart your engine. For vehicles with turbo chargers, is advisable not to turn off the engine immediately to allow oil circulation for lubrication purposes and gradual cooling of the system. Hope this will assist

    2. Winky says

      I have the same question too

  2. Kalesy says

    Thanks so much because it was always in my mind, am relieved for now because mine is a modern car which I believe does not need warming as per usual say. Thanks.

  3. Robert Bor says

    Qstn sir.after how many km will I have to change my timing belt in probox?

    1. Phillip Moriss says

      100,000km is suggested by Japanese Car Professionals

  4. Mwandila Suzyo says

    Millions of thanks for your help on warming up engine.

  5. Edgardo says

    Hi, I have a Hyundai Cantus, when it is started, rpm go up to 1500 after one minute fall down to normal 750/800 rpm, shall I wait for rpm to go to normal before moving the car? Thsnk you.

    1. Phillip Moriss says

      Yes. That will be safer. Ideally, it should take only 2-3 sec.

  6. Jacob says

    1.Why or what problem causes the car go off itself immediately after ignation when it has stayed for long without moving?
    2.why do brakes fail for that matter

    1. Phillip Moriss says

      1) Going out of Fuel can cause this. If the battery has run out because some electronics were turned on (like lights) during the idle time, can cause this too.
      2) If your car is turned off, your main brakes will not work – that is by default. Use the hand-brake to avoid disasters.

  7. Kivuva J Nzioka says

    What of diesel heavy cars, is it not necessary to allow the system to circulate the oil in the system?
    Turbocharged engines too, ain’t one supposed to give give it time to allow lubrication of the turbo?

  8. Samuel Banda says

    But I heard that a cold engine consumes more fuel &im surprise today to learn that I don’t need to warm the engine of the car. My car is Toyota sprinter 1998 model &in the morning I always leave my on idle for 7 to 10minutes.

    1. Frazer siansengo says

      Mine too is the same though it’s a 1996 model

  9. Ackim Mwanza says

    Nice piece of information, but you needed to specify the car models that need not warmed up before driving. Please present another article on that

  10. PETER MWAURA says

    Thanks for your effort to educate motorists. Please keep it up.
    Its very helpful.

  11. Gidigogola says

    I secretly follow your tutorial they’ve built me in a very shortime, thanks.
    I have a question on a new model toyota hiace van both auto and Manual ,for few that i have driven don’t respond effectively on emergence brake like the toyota hiace shark what is the secret?

  12. O'Brien Chinyama says

    Is it advisable to switch off the engine immediately after a long drive?What are the dangers of doing so if any?

  13. Rabbecca Mhizha says

    The issue of warming up the vehicle before driving was also my question. Thank you so much for your help

  14. Daphier Saunyama says

    Thank you for the information, you need to specify which cars don’t need warming up. I have a 2003 Nissan hardbody 3.3v6. You need to warm it otherwise it starts with high revs and comes to normal when it warms up. Or I have a problem with my car.

  15. Johnson says

    Smeone seems to be pushing the pseudo “eco” nonsence really hard. In its owner manuals Honda always advises AGAINST bioethanol in the fuel and FOR warming up your engine. So the only reason for advising against warm up seems to be for saving a few grams of petrol? A few grams? Come on! Better switch off a few chinese plants and return to quality products that LAST.

  16. Ernesto Garcia says

    I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla CE and I usually let it warm up for a few minutes until the needle peaks above the “C” mark.

  17. John says

    Toyota chaser takes time to start. New pump installed. Any help

  18. Benson Musonda says

    Thank you so much for the information am now cleared on the issue of warming a car before driving.

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