Lesser-known Harmful Effects of Smoking in Cars

Smoking is the creator of enormous diseases. Cancer, infection, and even death are a few of the penalties that the humankind is paying, everywhere. From the harmful effects of smoking in cars to smoking in public both are threats to life at the same level. In fact, studies have shown that there is more tendency of getting diseases by inhaling the smoke in the car than in the public.

So, let’s explore what can happen if you smoke in the car and how it is dangerous for everyone, right now!   

 What are the Harmful Effects of Smoking in Cars?

The air pollution in the car and inhaling in such environment have countless consequences. Many children, non-smokers, and the smokers as well are facing hazardous health issues because of this. So, let’s see how smoking inside the car is affecting the children, diseases that are likely to happen, and the damages to the car, all together!

1. Bad Effect on Kids

Well, it’s a known fact that cigarette is harmful and many have lost their lives due to smoking, worldwide. Moreover, smoking does have consequences that are dangerous when its second hand, especially for children. Children, who breathe the secondhand smoke regularly, are at highest risk of middle-ear infection. This might result in enormous life-threatening diseases like asthma, cancer, and many more. Therefore, harmful effects of smoking in cars are dangerous for kids in every manner.

However, babies and children who are younger than 6 years are more prone to get respiratory tract infection like bronchitis and pneumonia. Researchers have discovered that even if the car window is down, the chances of getting affected by the smoke are still high. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how many precautions do you take, if you smoke a cigarette in the car, it will affect the children and the other passengers as well.

Harmful effects of smoking in cars
Harmful effects of smoking in cars that make worst effect to your health. Source: The Dad

3. Even it Affects the Car Too

Yes, you read it! Smoking does affect your car too. When you smoke in the closed and congested environment of the car, nicotine and other pollutants mixed in the air. Availability of such particles will not just destroy your health but the car as well. Let’s find out the harmful effects of smoking in cars here:

Frequent pulling down the window results in scratches and other damages

Smoke sticks or absorbs to surfaces of the car and can’t be cleaned

Ventilators and ACs have the chances of getting blocked

In some cases, the parts of the cars like heater and AC has been damaged due to regular assortment of smoke particles inside them. This will not just increase the cost of repair but might decrease the life of the car as well. For that concern, it is useful to get the best industry knowledge from the experts today!

 3. Enormous Skin and Respiratory Diseases

There are enormous harmful effects of smoking in the car a few of them are cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, mouth, skin &eyes allergies, and many more. However, many people have died of suffocating in the smoked car every year in which non-smokers and the smokers their selves are involved. Moreover, pollution rate is also at risk.

Harmful effects of smoking in cars
Harmful effects of smoking in cars.Smoking is the creator of enormous diseases. Source: Sharecare

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Hence, smoking in the car can damage the living in many ways. The best thing to do is to quit it and if this were not the right choice for you, trying smoke only in the smoking zone would be the best one can do for the mankind.

So, take a step against harmful effects of smoking in cars now!