Easy Techniques To Perform FWD Drifting

Drifting is an art and most people think the feat requires a rear-wheel-drive car with a 1000+ hp engine and a hydraulic handbrake. Wrong. You can do FWD drifting too. It will take lots of practice, patience, and following proper safety rules.

Can You Drift With FWD?

FWD vehicles and drifting is a match made in heaven. Pretty much anything RWD drifts, from garbage trucks to motorcycles, and omnibuses to even bicycles. For this reason, many people doubt whether an FWD can drift at all.

well, they drift but this is actually more like a slide in corners and the proper name for this sliding is lift-off oversteer.

Lift-off or snap-oversteer happens when a car corners at high speeds. Due to the shifting in weight from the rear to the front wheels and the friction between the tires, the road cannot provide enough grip and traction through the turn. For this reason, the car begins to slide.

can you drift with fwd
Drifting with an FWD is called lift-off oversteer (Photo Source: instamotor)


A front-wheel-drive car is likely to understeer when cornering fast, but it will be a different scenario if you let off the throttle. The vehicle’s weight will shift from the rear to the front side, causing lift-off oversteer or FWD drifting.

How To Do FWD Drifting

Drifting is a driving technique, or a stunt more appropriately, where the driver deliberately oversteers to make the rear wheels or all tires lose traction but without losing control for the entirety of a corner. The technique will be different depending on whether it is an RWD or FWD platform. You have to use the clutch-kick oversteering for an RWD vehicle while FWD requires the lift-off method.

For performing the drifting, there is no need to drive at crazy speeds. Just enter a corner faster than necessary and follow these steps:

1. Perform The Feign

Accelerate to a high speed that you are comfortable with. Get ready for the maneuver once you are near the corner. Slightly move the wheel, just 5 to 10 degrees of the turn, to the side away from the spot where you want to take the turn. This slight movement is called ‘feign’ that sends the vehicle to a rocking motion, helping with the correct shifting of the weight once the slide starts.

2. Take The Opposite Turn

Just after performing the feign, spin the wheel to 1/4 to 1/3 turn toward the direction you want the car to roll. The direction of this motion will be opposite to the feign.

fwd drifting
Practice a lot before performing the stunt. (Photo Source: autotrader)

3. Start The Slide

When turning the wheel, break the rear wheel traction by pulling the handbrake. The car will begin the sliding and the rear end will start coming around right away. You have to release the rear brake to stop the slide.

The slide’s length depends on how long you keep the handbrake on. So, you can easily experiment with the slide’s distance.

4. Control The Slide

The last part of FWD drifting is managing the so you can control the length of maneuver and direction of the slide. To do so, turn the wheel to the direction opposite to entering the slide. Apply the throttle to experiment with the slide and maneuver distance.

Disclaimer: Be careful when performing the drifting. This blog or the writer does not take any responsibility for any damages or deaths caused by following the drifting technique mentioned in this post.