5 Things Not to Do While Driving an RWD Car

Like all other vehicle types, a rear wheel drive (RWD) car has its unique advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to buy one, it’s important to learn rear wheel drive driving techniques. But the more concerning matter is to remember the things that you should never do while driving this car.

Advantages of Rear Wheel Drive Cars

In a specialty configuration of transmission and engine setup, RWD cars are those in which the engine powers only the rear wheels. Usually, this type comes with an engine vertically located at the front of the vehicle.

One of the benefits you get while driving a rear wheel drive car is improved balance and steering control. An RWD car distributes its weight evenly on both front and rear wheel pairs. Therefore, most of the sports cars are RWD.

RWD cars are also suitable for rough driving. They can absorb a lot of shocks without damaging any costly vehicle parts.

rear wheel drive driving techniques
BMW Alpina (RWD). (Source: Matti Blume / Wikipedia)

Five Things Not to Do While Driving an RWD

If you own a rear wheel drive, congratulations! Now, don’t do these things ever while driving the car:

1. Do Not Over-Accelerate During a Turn

It is a common problem for the drivers who used to drive an FWD (Front Wheel Drive) before. Once they start driving RWD cars, it becomes difficult for them to deploy the throttle power differently. By pushing more throttle, you could understeer the vehicle, requiring letting go of the gas and getting the car back on track.

2. Do Not Push or Lift the Throttle Sharply

You could oversteer in an RWD car at particular points but keep in mind that sharply lifting the throttle could further imbalance the vehicle. Also, do not hit the brakes until the automobile steering is in control. Slowly decelerating the rear wheel drive car will decrease the weight transfer impact on the wheels. Finally, it will be able to tackle the unwanted spin.

3. Do Not Make a Habit of Rough Shifting

Although it’s not ingenious advice, its consequences are overwhelming for RWD cars. When there is a need for high-performance driving, downshifting is the right way to match the wheel speed with engine speed. Then, shift “up” to achieve quick and faster acceleration in the car. Performing this driving action in an RWD car could make the rear wheels stuck intermittently, resulting in a stalled engine or rough stops.


4. Do Not Engage Handbrake without Clutching

Hitting the handbrake without depressing the clutch will expose the car transmission, gear, and wheels to heavy shock. It will put the health of a car at unnecessary risk in the long run.

5. Do Not Drive in Snowy Roads without Compatible Tires

RWD cars usually have less weight over their rear wheels. The wheels will have less grip on the snow-covered road, which can be dangerous for the vehicle and driver. Therefore, driving these cars on snow may keep you stranded in the middle of nowhere.


Besides knowing how to drive rear wheel drive, do’s and don’ts of driving this car also bear significance. Check out the list of things you should not do while driving an RWD car and refrain from doing those things to stay safe on the road.