Car Does Not Shift From Park To Drive: Troubleshooting The Issue!

A car that denies shifting from park to drive might worsen the driving experience significantly. And, it can be highly dangerous as well. The common reasons behind this problem in automatic transmission vehicles have a relation with the shifter, ignition, or the gear shifter machinery. Moreover, things are not so complicated in the beginning stages but it might hurt your pocket if not addressed at the right time. If your car does not shift from park to drive, here is what you need to know.

The gear shifter apparatus is one of the main components that make a car drive soothing. The gear shifter is connected to the transmission box with a cable. The automatic vehicles usually have only one cable whereas the manual vehicles have two. In manual vehicles, the two cables are linked with the transmission for vertical and horizontal movements. And, in automatic transmission vehicles, it is linked directly to the main valve of transmission.

So, let us talk about the reasons behind shifter stuck and the solutions for it as well.

Why Car Does Not Shift From Park To Drive? The Troubleshooting Tips

Automatic gear shift stuck in park is one of the most common concerns in manual transmission vehicle. Generally, the reasons behind it are cable broke, cable stretching, transmission machinery stuck, faulty transmission box, and damaged ignition tumbler. And, these troubles can happen anywhere around the street where no mechanic is easily accessible. If you have enough time, then calling an expert mechanic to your home would be a great step. But, things might get worse if no technician resides nearby.

Learn about why Car does not shift from park to drive
Car does not shift from park to drive reasons. (Photo Source: pxhere)

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Let us discuss the uncomplicated troubleshooting maintenance tips to unravel the matter.

1. Turn ON The Ignition

Trying to remove the gear lock once will go fine when the car does not shift from park to drive. Releasing the jammed lever on your own might take long. But, First of all, rest the emergency brake so that the troubleshooting can be safe and secure. This is because anything can happen when the car unexpectedly comes into a run. Starting the engine is not imperative at all. Just insert the key and turn the ignition ON.

2. Find The Shifter Slot

Most of the automobile manufacturing companies understand this concern. This is the reason they provide shifter slot near to the shifter lever or somewhere around it. If the cable is broke or there is great damage to the transmission, the car won’t shift out of park by any means. But, if the things are not like that, find the shifter slot to complete the process.

3. Press The Slot And Brake

After finding the slot, press the button heavily with any screwdriver or similar object. One has to hold the button while setting the brake pedal at the same time. Push the override slot to the highest degree and press-depress the brake pedal.

4. Move The Shifter

When the things go as scheduled, grab the shifter and move it accordingly. Set the release button over the shifter and shift it to the desired gear. Start the engine and drive the car slowly to examine the matter properly. After completing the steps, if the automatic gear shift stuck in park is still an issue, then call a professional to exhibit it properly.

What happens when car does not shift from park to drive
Car does not shift from park to drive process. (Photo Source: pexels)

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Wrapping Up

That’s all! These were some of the troubleshooting tips to apply when the car does not shift from park to drive. Ensure to demonstrate the car to a professional to make things perfect.