Why Is the Blind Spot Monitoring System Worth the Extra Money?

The blind spot monitoring system is a relatively new addition to the list of safety features in cars. It alerts drivers about what’s going on around them, and it can help prevent accidents from happening. It acts as a second set of eyes for drivers, warning them when they venture too close to another vehicle.

Is this technology worth the extra money? Let’s discuss this and see how this system can actually be useful in crucial situations.

How the Blind Spot Monitoring System Worth the Extra Price

The blind spot monitoring system works by using sensors to detect what’s going on in the area surrounding a car. When it detects another vehicle approaching, or when something is about to enter the driver’s blind spot zone, an indicator light turns on. The light will stay illuminated until the driver moves into another lane or the object moves out of the blind spot.

Most high-end vehicles are equipped with this technology but you have to purchase it separately in some compact models like Chevrolet Cruze and Mazda3. Let’s see how this system is worth the extra money:

Avoids road collisions

The blind spot monitoring system can help drivers prevent a lot of accidents from happening. If the driver has this technology, they will know if there is another car or obstacle in their blind spot.

blind spot monitoring
It helps with avoiding collisions on the road. (Credit: BMW USA / YouTube)

Being proactive in avoiding collisions

Some latest blind spot monitoring systems not just give a warning but step in if the driver is too slow to respond. For example, if the driver does not take any action, the monitoring system would actually slow down or steer to avoid the collision. This way, it’s like having an extra pair of eyes on the road, monitoring everything.

Helps with changing lanes safely

If there is something in your blind spot when changing lanes, this system will give a warning. In this way, you can stop putting everyone else on the road in danger, even if you forget to check before switching lanes.


Prevents parking fender bender

A blind spot monitoring system is also designed to help prevent parking-related accidents. When drivers back up, they often rely on their mirrors or other indicators, such as beeping sounds coming from the car, to know what’s going on around them. Unfortunately, these methods are not always reliable when it comes to larger vehicles.

The Final Verdict

Finally, all car manufacturers now equip most or even all models in their lineup with a form of blind spot monitoring system. This technology is quickly becoming a standard safety feature that everyone should have. It can be extremely useful for drivers and passengers of all types of cars — big or small, old or new. It’s an investment worth making because it helps prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

What do you think? Is the blind spot monitoring system worth the extra money in your opinion, or is it a waste of resources? Share your thoughts in the comments!