2017 Mercedes AMG GT Is Perfectly Revamped To Hit The Race Tracks

Mercedes-AMG GT is the perfect answer for those who were questioning about the economic side of the Mercedes-AMG segment. The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT is a smooth performer through its V8 powered engine. In terms of look, this AMG GT is a stunner through the green tinge accompanied by LED headlamps.

Well, the attention dragging part about this AMG GT would be its fresh grille. This grille, also touted as the AMG Panamericana clearly looks equivalent with the one with Mercedes-AMG GT3.  Above all, the 2017 AMG GT is already a winner of the tracks. How? Find it out!

Smart assembling:

The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT is not just visually stylish, it’s absolutely sensible at the same time as well. You can find the middle ingestion has been tagged with mechanical louvers to channelize flow of air to ensure the ultimate efficiency. When the speed meets the ultimate peak, these louvers get nearer to lower drag. However, it’s still able to open when required to discharge air to the intercooler heat exchangers.

2017 mercedes amg gt

In addition, there is the carbon fiber splitter to enhance down force. With 2017 Mercedes AMG GT, you can find the carbon fiber front fenders and the Aluminum back fenders are some mm broader than the base GT. The likes of carbon fiber roof, back end diffuser and bendable wing are responsible for turning the AMG GT a light weight vehicle.

The Mercedes AMG GT 2017 packs a flexible carbon fiber that spontaneously keeps sliding downward at 80 km/h. This blow of the passing air is converted into a suction effect for a greater hit of the vehicle on the roads.

In concurrence, there is a radiator air outlet that energizes a double back diffuser. Such arrangements are responsible that the 2017 Mercedes GT has a much-enhanced downforce, at the peak speed of 318 kilometers per hour.

The revamped engine

So far it’s pretty clear that the 2017 GT is a super performing vehicle. This GT-R is driven by the V8 engines. Well yes, this is the same V8 engine that was there with GTS. However, this time it gets a better torque. It enjoys the extra 50 Nm torque, which means the V8 offers 577 bhp , at the same time generating 700 Nm torque. Credit goes to the latest turbochargers and the revamped intake for the superior power the vehicle possesses. Well, the factors like greater compression ratio, along enhanced engine controlled software are also equally responsible in the superior performance of the vehicle.

Mercedes no more neglects speed:

That’s not all about the power boosting arrangements, though; there is the lighter flywheel that ensures enhanced engine response and ascertains better cooling to ensure ultimate output from the engine during increased temperature conditions. Such arrangements especially make the 2017 AMG GT always ready for the races.

It is here to mention in this context that the GTR records the second most superior track times of any Mercedes-AMG offering. Only GT3 posts better track time than this. On a whole, Mercedes AMG GT this time has introduced enough elements to turn it an enchanting car for race tracks. The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT price is touted to be $195,000, though tags vary from destination to destination.