[Infographic] 6 Wonderful Spring Tips For Drivers

As winter went by, the weather becomes warmer and much more favorable for family vacation. However, your car trip can be a disaster without a careful examination. For that reason, it is recommended to take a look throughout your 4-wheel buddy using these 6 spring maintenance tips.

Car Maintenance Tips For Drivers In Spring

Spring is a perfect time to wash the sludge left from winter, since spring is warmer and the dry atmosphere helps drivers wash the build-up dirt easier.  However, drivers are often overlook their car when it comes to cleaning . In order to bring the best benefits for your own car, these spring tips are essential for all car owners.

Spring Maintenance Tips
6 tips all drivers must know about maintenance in spring – Credit Tuan Nguyen

Tip 1: Use A High Quality Gas Treatment

This action cleans fuel injectors from the inside. It also helps with gas mileage.

Tip 2: Remove Studded Tyres

Once the winter is over, studded tyres are not required. Keeping these might becomes illegal at some point so it is better to remove them all.

Tip 3: Fix Window That Are Stuck In The Up Position

As the temperature rises, drivers might want their car windows to be able to scroll down.

Tip 4: Check Belt

It is obvious that belts run your engine, so be sure to give them a check to avoid breaking.

Tip 5: Check Fluids

Car owners should always check oil and coolant level to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Tip 6: Check Shocks And Struts

Winter days creates a lot of path holes which cause shock to your cars, so this action is very important.


Spring maintenance for vehicle is very important. Not only it helps your car run smoothly but also brings safety to you and your fellow passengers, which is the top priority. A car with good condition can also save up a lot of money for drivers, since it can avoid sudden breakdown in summer season. Another benefits of using these spring tips that it can reduce the monthly gasoline budget: Old and damaged car parts from winter days can destroy car engine and drain energy gradually, which makes the spring maintenance becomes necessary.