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Why Does E85 Make More Power Than Gasoline?

Racing fans must have heard of E85. A specialized fuel that boosts huge power to the engine? It’s popular because the cost is a fraction compared to commercial race fuels. Why does E85 make more power than regular fuel varieties?

According to expert maintenance tips, E85 is a mixture of 85% and 15% of ethanol and gasoline, respectively. The renewable fuel burns much cleaner than other alternatives because of being sourced from organic materials. Non-toxic ethanol cuts greenhouse emission by almost 59%.

You must want to know the secret behind its power and advantages.

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Why Does E85 Make More Power?

The E85 boosts the engine’s horsepower because of two factors: its amazing octane rating and cooling capacity.

The octane rating indicates a fuel’s power to withstand denotation or knock. You cannot get too much boost with normal pump fuels because of denotation; hence the low octane ratings.

why does e85 make more power
E85 has some unique advantages. (Photo Source: dynojet)

E85’s octane rating is 105, but it provides even better performance because of the cooling capacity. This unique combination pushes the knock resistance limit to a point higher than that of the regular gasoline.

Also, the fuel absorbs plenty of heat from the intake charge when transformed from gas to liquid inside the engine. A cooler intake charge lowers the rate of engine’s detonation and improves power output.

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How Much HP Does E85 Add?

Some people think that 85 hp gains are automatic. But, the engine does not generate more power just by using this E85 fuel. You will need to tune up the engine including spark timing, compression ratio, and fuel-air mixture to enhance the power and improve the timing.

The fuel brings a dramatic improvement to the timing of a car without the use of methanol or race gas. With the right tuning, it is possible to make nearly 100w HP difference on E85.

E85 vs Gas For Performance

If you compare the performance of gasoline and E85, the latter undoubtedly produces more power. Its latent evaporation heat is higher than that of the pump gas. This means that when it transforms from liquid to vapor, the amount of heat absorption from the combustion charge is usually higher. Coupled with the high octane rating, this unique property helps E85 to be highly resistant to detonation.

why does e85 make more power
The E85 fuel boosts a car’s performance. (Photo Source: mbusa)

For this reason, it becomes possible to run an E85-filled car with more power without the fear of detonation. The knock will still be there but not as much to hamper the performance.

Ethanol-only engines show higher brake thermal efficiency than any gasoline engine. They also produce better mileage but that depends on several parameters like the tuning of the engine, transmission, ethanol-gasoline mixture ratio, and more.

The Bottom Line

So, why does E85 make more power? The simple answer is that it burns cleaner and leaves no residue in the engine tank. Coupled with this property are the high octane rating, ability to absorb heat, and resistance to knock. However, don’t forget to fine-tune the engine and other components when using this fuel for boosted performance.

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