Why Aren’t Buses And Trucks Aerodynamically Shaped Like Cars? Understanding The Fuel Efficiency!

Fuel efficiency is the primary factor that inspires the automobile manufacturers to include aerodynamic features in vehicles. That is why, cars are designed in a way that enhances fuel efficiency. But why aren’t buses and trucks aerodynamically shaped like cars? We would get to know the same that why the same formula is not applied to tractors or buses.

Why Everyone Wants Fuel Efficiency?

Fuel efficiency indicates less use of oil that means you save huge bucks on that petrol pump. It also releases less pollution, and that means help to preserve the greenhouse effect. These two reasons are enough to introduce aerodynamic design to the vehicles.

How And Why Fuel Efficiency Is Not A Part Of Buses And Tractors?

Well, as fuel efficiency comes involved only with the vehicles that add up aerodynamicity, it becomes limited to cars avoiding buses and trucks. This means you do not save your oil or gas and also compromise with the speed.

1. The Primary Reason

Buses and trucks do not involve ‘aerodynamic’ can be the load they carry or their heaviness that does not need any enhanced speed. Fuel efficiency is a valid reason here, but at the same time, trucks operate at relatively low speed than cars and hence it does not make a sense to hire an aerodynamicist for these heavy vehicles.

2. The Second Reason

Understanding about the fuel efficiency
More powerful aerodynamics, higher the price

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Aerodynamicity contributes to the hike in the prices. For a driver or who purchases the vehicle, the cost is an important factor that would take a rude turn by adding the aerodynamics. So a truck driver would always think if the price is really worth the product or it becomes more difficult for some to manage the overall cost they charge.

3. The Additional Factors That Matter

As per the experts and studies, it is known that adding up aerodynamics along is not really helpful. With trucks or buses, making changes to the external body of a vehicle does not mean an enhanced speed entirely. Hence, the machinery would also need to be changed. Making tweaks only outside would be like a half-done task and so somehow this is also a reason why trucks and buses are still traditional.

The change would be major that it can’t bring overnight. Also, it would be nearly impossible for the owners to replace the vehicle and buy a new one just because it would save them some bucks at the gas station. All these circumstances obstruct the production of the aerodynamicity in conventional vehicles.

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With all these factors, it is essential to know that adding up aerodynamic features in trucks has started. Some countries are taking the revolutionary approach and even with a few improvements whether externally or internally they are working on making a vehicle fuel-efficient. So, it is going to be a slow movement, but with time, there would be a market of fuel-efficient trucks and buses.

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More aerodynamic doesn’t mean better vehicles

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Summing Up

Aerodynamics will be brought to all the vehicles in the near future, and the entire world would take advantage of the concept. There would be less production of pollution and increased fuel efficiency; the speed would also be increased significantly. Till then we can satisfy our starvation with these factors and hope for the good.