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When a Car Needs Brake Rotor Replacement

When a Car Needs Brake Rotor Replacement
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Most vehicle owners have no or very little knowledge about automobile mechanism. So, they don’t understand how to pick up the warning signs of a possible damage or defect to their vehicle. The brake system does warn when it’s time for a brake rotor replacement, but you won’t recognize unless you know about them.

So, let’s find out what are the symptoms that tell you when it’s time for a brake rotor replacement.


The rotors repeatedly contact with the brake pads. The constant friction causes the rotors collecting grooves or scoring marks, the amount of which grows over time. Such grooves can reduce the capacity of rotors and thereby cause the vehicle to function slowly. Such a problem requires replacement of brake rotors.

brake rotor replacement grooves

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Depending on the type and severity of problems, bad brake rotors will create different kinds of sounds. A squealing sound might be a warning about corrupted rotors while a scraping sound indicates to severely worn out rotors.


Excessively worn out rotors may also create excessive vibrations. If you can feel irregular vibrations in the pedal and occasionally through the chassis, be sure that it’s a sign of severely corrupted rotors. On the other hand, bad rotors can also create a pulsating sensation in the pedal, which the driver can feel when pressing the brake pedal.

Brake Rotor Replacement Cost

Brake rotors are critical to the function of the braking system. How a vehicle slows down and stops depend on the friction between the rotors and brake pads. Worn out rotors significantly affect the functionality of a brake system.

Replacing brake rotors means you have to replace them in pairs. If any of the front rotors attached to the front wheels starts showing problems, you have to change them both. The same applies to the rear wheel rotors.

worn out brake rotors

Photo Credit: B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center

Besides, brake rotor replacement needs the change of brake pads too. You have to replace the pads unless they have been replaced recently.

Depending on your vehicle model, quality of the parts, the severity of the damage, and other factors, brake pad and rotor replacement can cost something between $130 and $2,940 in auto repair shops.

Bad brake rotors are harmful to the overall safety of a vehicle. If your car shows any of the symptoms mentioned above, take it immediately to a repair shop or a professional mechanic to find out if the rotors and the brake pads need repair or replacement.

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