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What is AdBlue – The Benefits, Use, Need

So, what is AdBlue? Well, it is the latest technique that people have been using to clean up diesel emissions. The permitted level of polluted new car discharges every year has diminished considerably. Car manufacturers rely on two main techniques to do so. The first is utilizing AdBlue that eventually breaks NOx in gases to undamaging substances, which is expelled from the vehicle. The second method replaces exhaust gas with intake air utilizing the recirculation system. It reduces the nitrogen’s quantity, and vehicle owners who rely on this method don’t need AdBlue.

AdBlue is a registered trademark by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA). VDA ensures that the standards of the same are met. AdBlue is not injected into the engine, unlike diesel and petrol, instead put inside the exhaust of the vehicle. Inside in the exhaust of the vehicle, the chemical reaction transforms this detrimental exhaust gas into undamaging water and nitrogen.

What is AdBlue – The Benefit  

AdBlue is needed by many diesel cars that have been registered after 2015. The purpose is to reduce emissions. But, is there any advantage of using AdBlue in your car? Well, it aims at reducing the emissions of NOx. This downgrades the pollution in the environment, hence contributing to making our surroundings better for everyone around us. If we believe the facts, AdBlue can filter out approximately 90% of the dangerous gas emissions. Hence, lesser pollution can be expected.

Do BMW diesels use AdBlue
AdBlue is a registered trademark by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA). Source: Kickaffe (Mario von Berg)

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Does Your Car Really Need AdBlue?

So, if you are investing in a new, or maybe, an used diesel car, it is the duty of the salesperson appointed to share the titbit of whether the AdBlue is used in that specific vehicle or not. Moreover, knowing maintenance tips and understanding how it works using the car’s manual is always an excellent option to know more about the usage of AdBlue.

Topping Up the Car’s AdBlue Correctly

Now we understand what is AdBlue, but how often do we need to top up the car’s AdBlue so that vehicles keep running without emitting any harmful gases? First, it is easy to identify the AdBlue tank, as it has a blue cap to cover the tank. This tank is situated right next to the diesel tank, and other places for fillers might include the spare wheel and the boot. It is always safe and a smart decision to rely on the vehicle’s handbook to identity almost everything about any vehicle.

What If Someone Injects Diesel in the AdBlue Tank?

Being a newbie, or sometimes mistakenly, one can put himself in such a situation, where unknowingly he has injected the diesel in the AdBlue tank. The first best tip would be not to start the engine. Yes, do not start the engine; instead, call your car dealer and let him help you in getting the best possible solution. Starting the engine would probably damage the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) along with the system containing AdBlue. Hence, it is mandatory not to start the engine. Call the experts and leave the rest to them.

What is AdBlue
This tank is situated right next to the diesel tank. Source: Youtube

What If Someone Injects AdBlue in the Diesel Tank?

The solution is just the same as you followed while injecting the diesel in the AdBlue tank. Don’t start the engine, as that can damage the fuel system and might cause other damage to the vehicle as well. Call the service provider company and let them flush out the fluid inserted in the wrong tank. After the tank is clean, the professional will guide you with the steps to be followed further.

So, What When Car’s AdBlue is Exhausted?

The car will probably signal you through the dashboard warning light. The light will start to display on the dashboard when you have approximately 3 liters of AdBlue left in the vehicle. So, one would probably have around 1200 miles to refill AdBlue in the vehicle before it gets completely exhausted.

So, there might be cases when your vehicles run out of AdBlue completely. Or, you might just don’t have enough time to refill it. Well, in that case, the vehicle’s performance will be affected adversely. Not just that, your vehicle’s emission will also be unpleasantly affected. The car won’t even start, in case there is no AdBlue in your car.

The best is to keep the engine off, when you have completely run out of AdBlue, and fill it up again to make your car work smoothly again.

Do BMW diesels use AdBlue?

The answer to do BMW diesels use AdBlue is a yes. Generally, if your car has been registered after 2015, then yes, your does have AdBlue. Also, if you own BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Audi, it is expected that your vehicles do use AdBlue.

What is AdBlue
You will have around 1200 miles to refill AdBlue in the vehicle. Source: Youtube

The Takeaway Message

So, now we have an answer to what is AdBlue and why does your vehicle needs it. Never run your vehicle without AdBlue for a smoother drive and a well-maintained car.

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