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What Causes The Slip Light to Come On?

Have you ever wondered how your car can keep its balance in the rain? It is thanks for the slip light. In this article, we will help car owners know the definition of this amazing car component. Along with that, our car expert also provides the reasons why the slip light flashing continuously. 

What is the Slip Light? 

The slip light is a car feature that plays a vital role in traction control systems. When the car owner is driving on slippery roads, the slip control will regain the vehicle’s car. And the slip light will notice drivers when the control system is working.  

In every car wheel, there are sensors installed with the purpose of relaying information to the PCM, also known as Powertrain Control Module. The notification from these sensors will tell the car system when the automobile is losing traction, therefore decrease power from the engine and trigger the ABS. 

So how can the slip light and the slip control work, let’s find out.

Slip Control Working Function

In order to protect drivers from losing control when driving in terrible weather conditions, the slip control is invented. In this system, the ABS and wheel sensors are essential. By communicating with the PCM, the wheel sensors can examine traction loss, as well as steering angle. 

slip ligh
In order to tell slip control system is working, slip light is the signal  (Source: Mechanic Base)

The car will slowly lose its power, and drivers can control the automobile much better when the slip control is activated. Along with ABS and wheel sensors, there are solenoids, electric pumps and high-pressure accumulators in the traction control. These car components are crucial for slip control working function. The accumulator, for example, provides assistance in distributing the pressure applied on the wheels. Along with that, the solenoid will be an isolation point between the circuits of the brakes. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Slip Control

Slip Control’s Advantages

With this useful car component installed, the car owners can receive all these benefits:

Prevent Car Accidents

One of the most significant advantages of having slip control is that this system reduces the chance of road crash. However, it cannot guarantee an accident-free journey like many drivers think. To be more specific, they provide greater control in harsh situations, which is very convenient for car owners. For that reason, vehicle users need to be cautious to prevent reckless driving, even with slip control installed. 


Driving Safely in All Weather Conditions

It is the fact that road accidents usually happen in rainy or snowy weather due to the slippery. For that reason, the slip control system will make sure drivers can have total control of the automobile during this weather.

Can be Install Easily

Unlike other car components, slip control can be installed quite easy.  Most of the cars nowadays are already equipped with ABS, and the same goes with slip control. 

Slip Control Drawback

Limited Control

Believe it or not, many drivers prefer to take more control of their vehicles instead of being dependent by the slip control. For example, experienced car owners like race drivers, want to drive fast and drift as they desire, yet traction control will prevent this from happening.

High Cost

Due to the convenience of the traction control system, automobiles installed with this latest technology are usually more expensive than others. Even though the cost will decrease overtime due to raising adoption of technology, the high cost of this system is still a huge problem. 

The Maintenance Process

Last but not least, slip light, as well as the slip control technology, contain various electronic parts. It is undoubtedly that these pieces perform their roles amazingly well. However, they will become ineffective and dirty overtime. And without a doubt, these system components are highly expensive to fix when damaged or error. Not to mention, the price to fix the main computer on the dashboard is also very costly.  

Why Slip Light Flash

There are many times that the slip light flash when accelerating, when in other times, the slip light is on constantly. So what is the reason and what the slip light is trying to tell you? 

 slip light
If slip light keep flashing, there might be a problem (Source: noticiassoltas.wordpress)

If the slip light just flashes on the dashboard when car owners are accelerating, there is a high chance that you are driving on a slippery road. However, if the slip light keeps turning on even when passing the slippery road, your ABS system might be in trouble. The most significant symptom for this is that there is another light turning on along.     

Broken ABS Ring

One of the most common reasons why slip lights keep flashing is a broken ABS ring. These rings are installed on every car wheel and transfer the speed signals for ABS sensors. Nevertheless, if one of them is faulty, the abs sensor will send the incorrect notification to the control unit. 

Damaged Wheel Sensors

As mentioned before, these wheel sensors, which are installed at each automobile wheel, sense the speed of the car. If there is a damaged sensor, the ABS control unit will focus on braking all other wheels. In conclusion, damaged wheel sensors will light up the warning slip light.  

Faulty Wires

Wires between the ABS control unit is another part of the system that needs to be carefully checked when the slip light flash. Since faulty wires will cause error in the control module.  

Broken ABS Control Unit

Last but certainly not least, the faulty control unit will most likely trigger the slip light on the dashboard. In order to check this issue, car owners need to use a scanner.

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