Top BMW Coolant Picks Recommended By Auto Experts

Does your car’s coolant light turned on? If that’s a yes then, probably your BMW is screaming for the coolant to add on. What coolant to use for BMW car and shall I use BMW-specific antifreeze or will the generic work? If you’re wondering about the same. Then, explore the information ahead to get the relevant answer about BMW coolant.

Top BMW Coolant Picks Recommended By Auto Experts

To always be on the safe side with coolants,  use the ones formulated for BMW cars. As the anti-freeze will run through the engine, you won’t wish to damage this giant component, just for a coolant.

1. BMW coolant antifreeze 81 22 9 407 454 blue– Concentrate

Talking about the best coolant for BMW, we have to mention BMW Coolant Antifreeze 81 22 9 407 454 Blue Concentrate. It is an all-season phosphate-free mono-ethylene glycol and amine-based antifreeze with rust and frost protection. Before it was used in BMW cars, the factories approved coolants. Designed to suit BMW specifications, this coolant is equally beneficial for Porsche, Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Land Rover, and General Motors. The BMW ANTIFREEZE 81 22 9 407 454 is the amalgamation of organic additive technology and silicates; to extend the life of the coolant.

Moreover, the quality of this BMW antifreeze is determined by rust protection. That’s why automakers subject antifreeze to cavitation tests and lengthy corrosion. This Hybrid Technology Coolant protects the cooling system from rust and frost in all seasons while in summer, it protects the car’s engine from overheating.

Some of the other features of BMW ANTIFREEZE 81 22 9 407 454 are:

– Excellent for use in cast iron or aluminum engines, aluminum and copper alloy radiators

– Prevents sediments and foaming in the cooling system

– Compatible with automotive radiators.

BMW coolant has good heat exchange capacity and so only a small amount of liquid is enough to cool the engine. This coolant has a boiling point higher than the maximum allowed temperature in the cooling system by about 25 – 30° C, to reduce evaporation and consumption during use.

If you’re thinking about what coolant to use for BMW car that you own? Well in this regard, you’ll be delighted to know that BMW COOLANT ANTIFREEZE 81 22 9 407 454 BLUE is ideal for all models manufactured during 1980-2016.

Note: The coolant is also available in the premix and hot premix range.

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2. Genuine BMW coolant (blue) – 82142209769

Another excellent antifreeze for BMW is Genuine BMW Coolant (BLUE) – 82142209769. Formulated and produced exclusively for BMW’s engine, the coolant fulfills the set requirements and standards, which in turn protect the engine against corrosion, freezing, boilover, and excessive silica gel precipitation.

This ethylene glycol-based coolant contains no phosphates or nitrites, which reduces the possibility of harmful deposits largely. Protecting metals such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum, this best year-round coolant is mixed with one part BMW antifreeze and one part water. This 1:1 mixture ratio provides protection against corrosion and freezing even at -34F (-37C).

During winters in extremely cold areas, the mixture is increased to a ratio of 3:2, which provides freezing protection at -62F (-52C). Additionally, this coolant contains a bitter agent, therefore its ratio with water must not exceed 60%.

3. Zerex G-48 formula full-strength coolant

The ZEREX G-48 coolant is ideal for BMW cars. Designed for both diesel and gasoline engines, the coolant has low silicate, pH, and anti-phosphate technology that protects all metals, like aluminum against corrosion.

To protect the components of the modern engine against freezing in winter and boiling over in summer, it is diluted in a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, for optimum protection, the mixture is made in 5:7 ratios. It also has a high-quality defoamer system and contains less than 250 parts per million of silicon as required by the vehicle.

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4. Genuine Mopar 68048953AB coolant

This coolant is based on a five-year formulation of ethylene glycol to avoid freezing and boiling while corrosion is inhibited. We can say that Mopar is considered a high-tech coolant that provides exceptional protection against corrosion. It also helps to maintain the temperature engine and makes it easy to start the BMW engine in cold weather. Its concentrate can be mixed with water or an antifreeze solution of your choice. Mopar has been tested for safety and reliability in the hardest conditions and this product even passed the test for performance against corrosion, freeze protection, rusty presentation, and more…

5. ACDelco GM original equipment 10-5034 coolant

The last BMW coolant we want to mention in this list is ACDelco GM. It’s a high-quality coolant that meets or exceeds the requirement of the general motor. This product can be used for most vehicles and has a 5-years shelf life. ACDelco GM protects against overheating and corrosion by providing a protective chemical barrier to the cooling system. It will prevent rust and reduce engine wear. Besides, this coolant helps to reduce the temperature in the car radiator which will improve the overall performance. 

How To Top Up The Coolant In BMW Cars?

When you had a notification that you need to top up the coolant engine for your BMW, so what should you do: 

Step 1: Drain the old coolant

Perform when the engine compartment is completely cooled down. Wearing gloves, check the temperature of the cooling system one last time before proceeding. Place the old coolant basin under the car. Find and open the radiator drain valve to drain the old coolant. After the old coolant has drained, close the valve.

Step 2: Clean the cooling system

Fill in RO water, then add a dedicated cooling system cleaning solution to the water tank. Close the lid tightly. Start the machine to run for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the machine and wait until the machine cools down completely. Then open the drain valve below to drain water out, and finally close the drain valve.

Step 3: Change the new coolant

Open the cap of the cooling water tank, and pour the new coolant in. Still opening the tank cap, start the car engine until the cooling water gradually recedes and bubbles appear on the surface, let the gas escape, then stop. During the process, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature gauge to avoid the car overheating. Then add new cooling water to the auxiliary water tank to full, and lock the lid tightly.

Some notes when changing the coolant.

  •  Do not mix different coolant solutions. In case of adding coolant, drivers should use the car cooling water used in previous maintenance.
  • Do not use water to replace engine coolant.
  •  Should check the car coolant regularly to prevent the car from cooling water from being lower than the allowed level.

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Gaining the essential information on what coolant to use for BMW car can now possibly make you understand, how to maintain your BMW car. So, next time during the coolant filing situation, make use of this guide and choose the best option for your vehicle.