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What causes Tire Cupping? How do I Avoid it?

Cupped Tires? Well, they can be very upsetting. They are not only dangerous but also amend the driving experience of the car. But, what causes tire cupping? This cupping of tires is typically due to worse wear, tear, and strain on the tire surface. You may feel that your vehicle becomes somewhat bouncy and a little out of control. In case you come across one or more cupped tires in your vehicle, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the auto expert.

But before that, you should be aware of the potential reasons responsible for the tire cupping.

What causes Tire Cupping? – 5 Important Reasons to Know now!

Several different reasons are accountable for the cupping of your vehicle’s tires. Let’s check out each one of them carefully:

1. Low-Quality Tires

One main reason liable for cupping is the use of low-quality tires. These poor quality tires are devoid of proper strength, durability, and thickness that high-quality tires have. The rubber compounds present in these cheap tires are not stress-resistant as well as temperature-resistant. As a result, they are more prone to the damages like tire cupping.

2. Errant Suspension System

Answers to What causes Tire Cupping?
Top causes of Tire Cupping

If you have high-quality tires and still you’re experiencing the problem of cupping, it may be due to a faulty suspension system. The suspension system of your vehicle allows it to drive smoothly. If any part of the system wears out, it becomes baggy, letting the wheel to bounce up-and-down with force and regularity. Consequently, it can result in cupping.

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3. Crooked Wheels

Another underlying cause of the tire cupping is misaligned wheels. If your wheels are not present at the ideal angle, the chances are they’ll be subjected to severe tear and wear. And, it will ultimately result in cupping of tires. That’s why you should your vehicle wheels every 6-12 months so as to avoid such troubles.

4. Inadequate Inflation in Tires

Find out what causes tire cupping
What are the main causes of tire cupping

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If the tires of your car do not contain enough air pressure, it’s true that they’ll be cupped and damaged. Insufficient inflation often weakens your tires and thereby makes them vulnerable to rocks, potholes, and other fragments or aberrations in the road. Certain car maintenance tips will tell the ideal air pressure your tires should have.

How to Prevent Tire Cupping?

Take some preventive measures in order to stay away from the situation of tire cupping. Some of which includes:-

  • Change faulty or worn out suspension parts like ball joints, CVC joints, wheel bearings, struts etc.

  • Do not forget to check whether your tires are properly inflated or not.

  • Choose high-quality tires for the vehicle so that they are not easily bent or worn.

  • Regular check on your tire pressure by using best tire pressure monitoring system to keep your tire always in good shape, good condition
  • Consult the auto expert in case you notice any cupped tires in your car.


So, now you might get a clear answer to your question – what causes tire cupping? Don’t take this issue lightly as it can cause severe damage if not treated in time. Feel free to contact a mechanic before your car goes completely out of control.