What Causes A Knock Sensor To Go Bad? Is Driving Safe Then?

So this question is still unanswered, and that’s why we are here to find out whether it is safe to drive with a faulty knock sensor or not. Let’s begin by racing our minds with this question- have you noticed that flashlight of the check engine light or the pounding noises coming out of the engine now and then? If yes, this could be a major sign of a faulty knock sensor. And this could be the indication of the knock sensor going faulty in your vehicle. Now another question arises that is it safe to drive with a faulty knock sensor. Besides, what causes a knock sensor to go bad? Well, for that we need to find out some other basic things, which are explained here below.

What Causes A Knock Sensor To Go Bad? The Real Reasons

What causes a knock sensor to go bad in any car? Why not begin with understanding the process of the knock sensor first. Knock sensor is located on the cylinder head, engine block, or intake manifold. The main function of the knock sensor is to detect and sense the vibrations caused by an engine knock. PCM in your vehicle will be sending a command to adjust the timings of the ignition. It will even prevent the explosion, in case it is about to happen. Then, it will identify the valid ping, following which the ignition timing will be held back to secure the engine from any possible damage.

A knock sensor can even prevent explosion

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What Causes A Knock Sensor To Go Bad?

There are several reasons why the knock sensor goes bad. And today we are going to discuss all those possible reasons that may contribute to this. The first reason could be the illumination of the Check Engine Light. Another symptom could be continuous vibration and especially on the highway speed, pounding noises coming out of the engine, poor acceleration, poor fuel economy, and even misfire.

What causes a bad knock sensor is the misuse of the same. Maybe you are handling it roughly, or you have dropped it sometimes. It can even go bad if you are removing it inappropriately. The main culprit sometimes is also the connectors. If they are pushed or pulled roughly or if it goes out of the alignment, the chances of breaking these fragile parts of the sensor go up. Sensors are quite fragile, and you should take proper care of it to maintain its life for long.

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Expert checking is important when problems are detected

It is always recommended to take the assistance of the experts, in case you are dealing with the sensors for the first time. Besides, reading and understanding some good maintenance tips from renowned experts can always help.

What Happens When A Knock Sensor Goes Bad?

Of course, the vehicle is affected in one way or the other. So, here are a few things that you may experience in the car when the knock sensor goes bad. Here is the answer for what does the knock sensor do:

1. Diminished Power

Once your car detects the bad knock sensor, you will see your vehicle losing its power. It depends on the octane limit of any engine that how much it will lose from its power.  Loss of power halts and even diminishes the timing. Overall, the performance of the vehicle is stopped. This is how bad the knock sensor can go for the vehicle.

2. Vanished Fuel Mileage

It may even slow down the acceleration of the vehicle, especially on the highway. You may need to apply more pressure on the accelerator to gas up the vehicle. That means your car has lost fuel mileage. Take your vehicle to a mechanic in this case as soon as possible.

3. Engine Acts Unusually

Another symptom of a bad knock sensor is that the engine will not behave properly. It will be unable to perform well especially when you are carrying a very light or very heavy load. Sometimes, the light doesn’t illuminate even after having such issues. But if in any way your car misbehaves, taking it to the mechanic would do.

You need to feel your engine to confirm the fault of the knock sensor

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Wrapping Up

What causes a knock sensor to go bad is right here for you. Now you must keep a constant check on the vehicle. Besides, to ensure that whenever any of these symptoms occur, you are taking it to the mechanic right away. After all, an experienced and knowledgeable person can handle it way better than we can. So, read this knock sensor guide, follow the tips, and follow it through to ensure you know what to do when a bad knock sensor occurs.