USB Not Working In Car: Causes and Solutions

Compact, simple to operate, possessing a large capacity, and containing a lot of information, the car USB is probably one of the most popular choices by many drivers for entertainment purposes on long journeys. Fetching a long favored line-up from the East to the West, however, this device can not be durable as long as that line as it is easily damaged when being used continuously for a long time. With that said, Car From Japan will give you some information about the causes and the solutions to fix the problem of USB not working in car.

The Basics of USB In Car

Car USB is a data storage device equipped with Flash memory to quickly read, write and maintain data without any needed power. Possessing capacity, fast transmission speed, compact size, and simple operation, USB is becoming an indispensable accessory in the car.

Most car models manufactured from 2010 until now are equipped with a USB connection port on the dashboard area, near the entertainment center system. When the USB is plugged into the charging port, users can connect and transfer the data stored inside to the entertainment screen.

Currently, car USB is divided into two types: USB without copied music and USB with available music.

  • Car USB that does not copy music: users can actively store audio, images, and videos according to personal preferences.
  • Car USB with music allows users to choose the available data to enjoy.

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USB Not Working In Car: Causes and Quick Solutions

Here are a few causes of the USB in car not working and how to solve each type of problem quickly. If you feel you cannot fix the problems yourself, you can bring your automobile to a specialized shop for inspection and advice with the analysis from a professional mechanic.

The problem lies in the USB charging port

This problem can happen when the metal surface inside the USB charging port and the micro USB is not in good contact or awry due to a manufacturing defect. In addition, because it is a portable one, the charging cable will be plugged in and unplugged often, leading to this situation. Please check the small details inside the USB port because its cable may not be in contact with the charger, which leads to this annoying situation.

If it is possible, you should fix the USB port yourself. It is the fastest solution that may enable you to use your USB again quickly without losing any labor fee at the store. What you need to do is clean all of its components from the charging port, charging cord, and the USB as well. Before doing this, remember to turn off all devices. You can use a cotton swab to clean them gently and carefully, then plug them back in as they were.

The problem lies in the car’s USB

USB in car not working
If your car USB does not have a cover, or you often leave the USB in dusty places, the problem may lie in the USB. (Photo: jeanlucsialelli)

Moreover, the frequent plugging and unplugging of cables will cause the metal layer inside the charging port and micro USB to be scratched or distorted, making the connection not match, thereby preventing the car from receiving data. Besides, nowadays, many types of USBs do not have a cover, so it’s easy for dust to get inside or lay on the surface or slot. Therefore, drivers should clean it occasionally.

Do you often put a USB in your pants or shirt pocket, or not? Lints can stick to the USB and make it fail to have good contact with the port in the car. So what do you need to do? Again, thoroughly clean your USB and check if the connector is distorted or bent.

The cable makes the car not receive the USB connection

Do you know the part that does not guarantee the most durability is the cable? The cables can be easily damaged by physical impacts such as bending and twisting.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to try the cable with other charging devices to see if it works properly. If it is not working afterward, you should replace the cable with a new one.

Selective Suspend feature

The Selective Suspend feature can also be one of the culprits that make the USB not recognized when plugged into the charging port. This feature is responsible for cutting off USB power to reduce vehicle electrical power usage. Therefore, the USB with this feature set up will not be able to connect to the charging port because there is no power.

To overcome this situation, car owners need to disable this feature using the computer. Plug in the USB and connect to the computer, then use 2 ways as follows:

  • Press Windows + R key combination, type Regedit, and change the Disable Selective Suspend key value to 1.
  • Press Windows + R key combination, type Regedit, click Edit Menu, select New, select DWORD (32-bit) Value, and change the Disable Selective Suspend key value to 1.

The monitor does not support USB

Currently, there are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 corresponding to different types of cars. For the monitor to accept USB, the driver needs to use the correct type recommended by the manufacturer. Besides, each monitor or screen type is installed with a configuration. If your car’s monitor does not support USB, the error may be due to a misconfiguration. Drivers need to change back to the standard format of the car USB, which is FAT32.

In addition, damaged car USB hardware also causes the monitor to not recognize the device. To fix it, users need to check the electrical connection inside the drive or head to service centers for the best support. You should note to save data actively to limit any loss if the USB is damaged.

Overall, the monitor does not recognize the USB because the USB hardware is damaged, the wrong format or USB type. Experts recommend users do not use USBs, chargers, and charging cords of unknown origin. Moreover, if not in use, please disconnect the USB and store it properly, avoiding shock to help protect and prolong its life.

Notices To Follow To Help Your Car USB Always Work Well

Not being able to use a USB to access entertainment features is inconvenient and frustrating for some drivers on the road. To avoid experiencing silent driving while enjoying promising exhaust fumes, follow a few notes below when using a car USB.

Say no to car USBs and related devices of unknown origin

Be especially wary of USBs, car chargers, and cables that are cheap and have no clear origin. They can damage your related devices. Please properly follow the safety rules and standards when dealing with the USB port not working in car.

Don’t just plug your car USB in random places

If the charging port does not have all the specifications, do not plug your USB into it, which possibly even leads to more severe failure.

Avoid strong impact against car USB

Whatever you use, especially technological equipment, you need to take good care of it to ensure its longevity. When not used, you should put the USB in a closed box or store it carefully to protect it from outer impacts. If you pay close attention, you will see that many drivers attach their car’s USB to the keychain. But this is not recommended at all, at any time and any place.

usb in car not charging phone
During use, manipulations with the car USB should also be gentle, especially when plugging or unplugging the USB. (Photo: Amazon)

Disconnect the car USB when not in use

When not using the car USB, you should disconnect it to avoid electrical problems damaging the data in the USB and possibly the whole memory card.

So how do you disconnect the USB? Is it directly pulling it out of the USB socket when not in use? Note, avoid doing it that way because it will damage your data on the USB due to the sudden detachment. Please disconnect safely according to the instructions below:

  • Left-click the USB icon on the desktop and select the Eject command.
  • Then you can pull the USB out and put it in the box.

Regularly check and back up the data on the car USB

No matter how carefully you use and maintain your car’s USB, there may be cases where the USB will suddenly lose data. Therefore, it is essential to check and back up the data in the USB occasionally.

Summing Up On The Issue of USB Not Working In Car

We hope the information provided by our above article has helped you deal with the problem of the USB not working in car or the car not receiving the connection from the USB. You can save these handling methods to use when needed. Besides, remember to follow some advice to maintain and always take care of your car USB for lots of smooth and exceptional experiences on long trips.