Some Creative Tricks to Disable a Car from Running

When you have friends, you have the right to do some old-fashioned shenanigans just to piss them off. After all, what kind of a friend you are if you don’t make your friends annoyed on a regular basis? The best way to vex someone is to mess with their car. How about learning some tricks to disable a car from running without damaging it?

Creative Ways to Disable a Car from Running

Here are some evil ways to stall a vehicle without utterly destroying the engine or any other component. These are fun and will not only irritate your friends but are also ingenious ways to take revenge on a plaguy colleague or a pesky neighbor.

Work on the Spark Plugs

Open the hood and remove one or multiple leads from the spark plugs. The plugs do the job of igniting sparks to burn fuel and start the engine. Removing the leads will disconnect the plug from the spark plug wire. In that case, the engine may or may not start, but the car is not going to run.

disable a car from running
Mess with the spark plugs. Source: Carsoid

Steal the Coolant

Well, you won’t technically steal it but find a way to empty the cylinder. You can just drain the tank by opening the cap. However, another way is to stab something sharp through the radiator. It will cause the liquid to leak slowly. However, the leaking rate will be faster once the engine starts running. Low-level of coolant in the cylinder will overheat the engine, make the warning lights to come ON, and eventually stall the engine.

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Block the Exhaust

The popular idea is to stuff a potato into the tailpipe but the exhaust pressure will just blow out the potato. Clamping an exhaust pipe is not an easy task. You can use a racquetball or closed-cell spray foam. It will disable a car from running by building up back pressure and halting the engine.

Clog the Air Filter

Put the piece of cloth under the filter in a way so that air cannot get through it. Close the filter and it will look alright from the outside. However, the vehicle won’t run when the air passage is blocked.

Doing the same with the gas filter will also disable a car from running. Blocking the gas filter with some gum will do the job.

disable a car from running
Clog the air filter with something. Source: Turf Magazine

Spray Water in the Air Intake

Jet a great amount of water in the air intake through a garden hose. The possible consequence will be the vehicle running like crap due to the drenched air filter. The worst case scenario could be the engine hydrolocked.

Crimp the Gas Line

It is another evil way to disable a car from running. Crumbling the line underneath the car will supply the engine with just enough oil to start but not run.

Whatever you do, just make sure not to destroy the engine. Besides, don’t do anything with the gas tank because it could set fire to the vehicle or make it stop in the middle of a highway, causing an accident.