Three Reasons Why Your Car’s Heat Get Cold When Idling

There are many car issues, which can easily infuriate vehicle owners. For example, a typical situation can include the car heater suddenly blowing out cold air instead of heat during winters. Such a situation can make it hard for you to drive to the office and back during the chilling winters. However, at the same time, there are different reasons why your car’s heats get cold when idling. Among these can be a leaky coolant or the direction of the air from the blower among others. Let us find out, which one is the culprit.

Know Here Why Your Car’s Heats Get Cold When Idling

You should know that there are different reasons, which can lead to a situation like this when the car heater does not blow hot air, but only cold air. As stated above, you are either dealing with a leaky coolant issue, air direction, or some other problem. We recommend you browse online to know the best maintenance tips for your car heating system. Given below are the three reasons why your car heater system suddenly starts blowing cold air even in winters.

1. Insufficient Coolant

The car coolant comprises of 50% antifreeze and 50% water. It helps keep the car engine cool, especially during peak months of summers. When you start the car heater during winters, the coolant travels through the engine to the heater core and provides warm air. You might feel cool air during the initial start of the heater, as the engine needs to warm up for the coolant to provide heat to the interior of your car.

However, in case, the air blowing out continues to be cool, check the coolant level. It is the first reason why car’s heats get cold when idling, as the car would not send less coolant would to the heater core to create warm air.

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2. Broken/Clogged Car Heater Controls

At times, the control buttons for the car heater might stop working. If the coolant level in your car is ok, and there is no issue with the heater core, you need to replace the buttons. The heater control valve is located under the car hood and controls the heat inside the car. If the piece does not work right, then it is a reason why your car might blow out cool air inside and not warm.

3. Water Leak

The last thing leading to this issue with the car heater includes a water leak. Make sure to check the hoses, radiator, and water pump for any damage. In case, any of these parts malfunctions, then the car heater would not function to its full capacity. We recommend that you connect with a reputed car expert to know about resolving this issue at the earliest.

Everything About Car’s Heats Get Cold When Idling
The last thing leading to this issue with the car heater includes a water leak (Photo Source: auto-net)


Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with the necessary information about why your car’s heats get cold when idling in details. You can also browse online to know the best way to resolve this issue. Besides, consulting a car expert can help keep the car heater running during winters without any hassle.