The Secrets Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Ever wonder if that auto mechanic you trust is giving you a run-around so he can make as much money off your car as possible? Well, you’re not alone. This is pretty much the exact reason why many people aren’t sure who to choose when it comes to getting their vehicles fixed. Some of them use all kinds of cheap tricks to keep you stuck with as many problems as possible in your car.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together four secrets that your mechanic doesn’t want you to know about. Being informed means you will realize these truths for yourself and avoid getting ripped off.

4 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Some minor services are free

Some minor check-up and maintenance services are completely free at many auto-parts chains. If you need an oil change, tire rotation, or routine maintenance such as a brake inspection, stores like Advance Auto Parts or Pep Boys will do it for free.

So, if you have any big-box auto-parts stores in your area, ask them if they offer any free service. It’s possible to save $20 to $50 on each of these minor services.

secrets mechanics won't tell you
Many chain shops offer some minor services free. (Credit: PxHere)

Your mechanic doesn’t want you to know this. Why? Because they make money from these services and don’t want their customers to realize they could get them for free.

Some repairs are pretty easy DIYs

There are a lot of car repairs that the average person can do without taking their vehicle to the shop. But your mechanic would rather you didn’t know that, because that cuts into their profits.

There are plenty of online resources with step-by-step instructions on changing the oil, replacing wiper blades, and even replacing the battery without paying a mechanic to do it for you.

Doing these simple repairs yourself could save you hundreds in labor costs.

The actual price of parts

Auto parts stores sometimes charge a higher price for auto parts, especially when the car owner is inexperienced.

They can even give you knockoff parts. Also, they can suggest replacement components without saying these are not from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Remember that cheap replacement parts aren’t as reliable as OEMs.

Do your research and shop around after getting a quote from your mechanic.


Standard rates for major and minor repairs

If mechanics are recommending major work, they might not want you to get a second opinion — and they don’t want you to compare their cost estimates with those of other mechanics in the area.

Price shopping is good practice before investing big money in car repairs, even if it means taking your car from one shop to another for different opinions.


You can save a good amount of money on your car repair and maintenance by keeping these secrets in mind. Your mechanic doesn’t want you to know about them because he wants you to keep coming in for repairs when you could have done it yourself cheaper and faster.