The Reasons For Car Leaking Water On Passenger Side

There are numerous types of liquids in your car – from gasoline in the engine tank to radiator fluid and coolant oil. So, leaking of fluid is not actually surprising given the volume of liquid a vehicle holds. In addition, the car sometimes appears to be leaking water but actually is not. But, you should pay attention when car leaking water on passenger side.

The Reasons For Car Leaking Water On Passenger Side

A car needs different types of liquids to operate but only two systems use water-based fluids. These are the engine cooling and windshield washing systems.

When there is water on the passenger side of the car, investigate these two areas:

1. The Cooling System Of The Engine

This is the first place to start the investigation when you see car leaking water on passenger side. The cooling system is highly pressurized so even a small leak can force the antifreeze to come out. Also, the heating and cooling cycles can deteriorate the gaskets and wear out the seals and hoses.

car leaking water on passenger side
The problem could be with the cooling system


2. The Washing System Of The Windshield

The entire system consists of a reservoir, a pump, hoses, and nozzles. The reservoir stores the washing fluid and the pump pumps it to the hoses. Then, the hoses carry it to the nozzles, which spray the liquid on the windshield.

A crack in the reservoir is the most common reason for the leaking. It happens because of the extreme pressure from the expanded frozen washer fluid. You have to install a new reservoir to solve the problem. Use a low-freezing point washer fluid to avoid it altogether.

Remember that the water will leak only when you use the washer. If you find the car leaking water on passenger side after using the system, you will know where to look.

My Car Is Leaking Water Into The Passenger Side Floor When It Rains

Why does rainwater leak inside to the passenger side? Well, there could be several reasons.

  • Clogged sunroof drains or loose drain hose. If your car has a sunroof, check its drainage system for these oddities. The problems will make water leak into the car instead of trickling outside.
  • The heater core could be the culprit too. Check it if the dripping liquid smells like coolant. In this case, the car will be overheating or the coolant level will be low.
  • A blocked drain in the air conditioning system or air vent. The passenger floor is the end point of these drains.
My Car is Leaking Water into the Passenger Side Floor When It Rains
Find the leak source with water testing

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If you suspect that rainwater is leaking through any of the seals, you can do a water test to find out the problematic spot. Find an assistant to sprinkle water on the car while you stay inside, trying to figure out the leak. Start at the low point like the door cracks to the bottom of the windshield and work your way up to the roof. The testing is time-consuming but it is the most cost-efficient way to find the troubling spot when car leaking water on passenger side.